What happened in Shanghai..

Did NOT stay in Shanghai =.=

I made some memories with my colleagues that would last for a lifetime and I’m grateful for that. A couple of things I learned on this trip:

1. I cannot survive in China by myself. My Chinese sucks so bad that I’ll be stuck eating basic food everyday cos that’s all I can read.

2. The BF and I can never go for a free & easy trip to China too – his Chinese sucks worse than mine.

3. My body is strangely adaptable to cold weather. I was maintaining my toasty body temperature even when walking around in shorts in 15 degree weather.

4. I’m not too sure about high class restaurant Chinese food. I…. didn’t really like what I was eating. Loved the street food though.

5. Shanghai is cleaner than I expected. No litter all over the place and no strays (though I heard that in recent years, people have been trapping them for food). I can’t say the same for the cleanliness of public toilets though.

6. Almost everything is crazy cheap over there. A luxurious meal for 8 costs about S$60? That’s with a main each, several side dishes and free flow drinks to boot.

7. Everyone shoves and pushes you around. I guess this explains why we think PRCs are uncouth in Singapore. It’s totally the norm there.

8. I met an astonishing number of people who had never met Singaporeans before.

9. Farmers stay in villas that look like our 5 million bungalows. They only cost 5 digits to build.

10. Would I return? Absolutely. There’s so much culture (and shopping!) to explore. I’ll be sure to bring Maggi mee along though.

Okay I’m totally exhausted and I have to go attend my little brother’s birthday party. Be back to proper beauty posts next week!

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