11 Mouth Watering Types Of Delicious Pocky

Happy Pepero Day! In Korea, Pepero is the default Pocky.

Pepero Day (or Singles Day) is an unofficially observed South Korean holiday similar to that of Valentine’s Day where people of all statuses, single or taken, share yummy Pepero sticks with their family, friends, and loved ones!

They say Pepero Day, which is annually celebrated on November 11th, first originated back in 1983 when two female middle school students exchanged a box of Pepero sticks with each other, longing to become tall and thin, resembling the shape of the actual snack—a long stick-shaped biscuit dipped halfway with a layer of chocolate. The two students jokingly claimed that eating the Pepero sticks on November 11th at 11:11 o’clock and 11 seconds would have the most effectiveness in becoming tall and thin.

However, the origin of this fun holiday began evolving into different stories when South Koreans began arguing that Pepero Day came into being when people resembled the snack’s shape to the holiday’s date (November 11th), which consists of four number 11’s, hence, sticks.

In other parts of Asia however, 11.11 has a special meaning – its the day of the biggest sale in the entire world – Alibaba’s Double 11 sales event that earns about USD 400 million an hour. I can’t even fathom that amount of money so I’ll just stick with pretty chocolate stick desserts.

Pepero snacks were first manufactured by Lotte Corporation back in 1983 when the similar Japanese snack, Pocky, was unavailable on the shelves of South Korean markets.

Since the formation of this unofficial holiday, many South Koreans have begun purchasing boxes of Pepero snacks in order to share them with their loved ones, similar to the idea of giving chocolates and roses to loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Many South Koreans have even begun baking their own Pepero sticks every year, decorating them with lavish, edible chocolates and candy sprinkles, and packaging them with every ounce of love and care.

Here are 11 delicious Pepero flavours:

1. Original

There are 5 original flavors of Pepero by Lotte Corportation from left to right – Chocolate Almond, Nude Chocolate, Original Plain Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate, and Peanut Chocolate.

2. Homemade

These are some delicious-looking homemade Pepero sticks covered in what looks like white chocolate with crushed red candy, crushed Oreo cookies, and ground up peanuts with sesame seeds.

3. Love Notes

These Pepero sticks have been delicately branded with colorful, edible ink that reads “Lovely Day” and “You are the best~!” in Korean along with adorable cartoon characters and emoticons!

4. Presents

Some people like to individually wrap several different Pepero sticks to pass out to their co-workers, friends, and family. I hope I get one this year!

5. Cake

Some people even decorating whole cakes with their homemade Pepero sticks like this cake below! This cake is so beautiful, I don’t even know if people will have the heart to eat it.

6. Deluxe Cake!

All those dollops of pink and white cream on top of the cake… looks so, so decadent!! Who wouldn’t love a slice of this cake?

7. Creative

Look at these super colorful sticks! All the tiny heart sprinkles and heart print just make you want to take a huge, yummy bite! And look at those teeny, tiny bite-sized pieces!

8. Artwork

These ones are just… too gorgeous not to share. Look how precise and beautiful these decorations are! Do you think you’d be able to bite into them?

9. Toppings

Can you say, “Give me some!!!”?

10. Mega Pepero

Others like to bake thick, softer biscuit sticks to add more decoration to, just like these sweet Pepero snacks below.

11. Think out of the box

Pepero doesn’t have to be stick thin to be enjoyed. The more the merrier!

This article first appeared here.

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