My Go-To Makeup Brushes

Excuse the pile of fur on the right. Tuppy really likes being a cameo in my pictures and I wasn’t about to bodily shift him away for a simple picture. And also, a confession – these brushes are not authentic. I picked them up in Bangkok (MBK second highest level, the furthest stall from the foodcourt) as I do every year.

They obviously don’t last as long as the real ones. I can get about 10 washes out of them before the bristles start to drop. I’ve never had a problem with the handles breaking or anything else falling apart until I’ve gotten some good use out of them.

The quality is really quite impressive for something that only costs the fraction of the price of an original. I have several boutique purchased Bobbi Brown brushes and these are 98% as soft as the real ones. The only way one could tell these are fakes would be from the badly printed words on them.

And before you judge me for buying fakes – these 6 cost me about S$18 in total. I’ve never seen the point in spending too much for brushes when I don’t even put on makeup often!

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