SingTel Advertising Christmas Party

Got invited to my first Christmas festivities last week by SingTel! I usually hate going to stuff like this but I cannot resist the happy happy that goes on at year end parties. There’s just something so….. magical about this time of the year.

The event was held at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway.

As usual, I kinda lost my way getting there. The hotel is situated next to 313 and its one of those that has its lobby on a higher level than street level. I kept insisting that I was at the lobby waiting for a friend when she was already at the actual lobby waiting for me..

Thankfully there wasn’t any typical long boring presentation at all. Whoever was at the mic kept their speech short and sweet.

SingTel also gave away a couple of generous prizes but I had no luck =(

I also got manicured and massaged!

The skillful folks from Fingerworks and SAVH were there to wait on us hand and foot – literally. I pretty much spent the entire event not listening to anything and instead was lying back enjoying a foot massage or getting my nails gelished.

Yup you read that right. Free gel manicure!

Of course there was the mandatory nosh and nibbles. What’s a Christmas party without bubbly and sugary treats right?

I have to say that the food at Lounge@Jen isn’t half bad at all. Perhaps I’ll book a staycation there one day.

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