#PanteneDifference x Cosmopolitan

In our fast paced world of hectic day jobs, glamorous night events and all day parties over the weekend, the girl-on-the-go needs a curated collection of beauty favourites that slashes her primping time while still meeting all her hair care needs.

In response, Pantene has come up with two new breakthrough products that promise to be the everyday haimergency solutions you can’t live without. Introducing their new multi-functional innovations – the Total Damage Care 10 BB Creme for Hair and the Hair Fall Control Hair Strength Tonic.

Together with Cosmopolitan, Pantene launched the products at the uber chic Jermyn Street.


Total Damage Care 10 BB Creme for Hair

inspired by skincare: treatment and styling all-in-one

Like its skincare relatives, the non-pigmented cream is a light leave in product that multitasks to save time and maximize efficiency. Combining styling and 10 treatment benefits into a single formula, it offers the following:

  1. Repair for Rough Hair
  2. Strength Against Damage
  3. Silky Softness
  4. Brilliant Shine
  5. Smoothing
  6. Moisture
  7. Frizz Control
  8. Heat Protection
  9. Manageability
  10. Tamed Flyaways

Use this whenever, wherever – wet or dry hair, day or night. This makes my hair softer to the touch and I absolutely love the scent. To tell the truth, it has the “Pantene” smell, all flowery and gorgeous. It’s not fantastic at adding shine but does help to keep my fringe flyaways in check.

And oh, I use it just before I go meet the BF. There’s no perfume for hair but this does the trick and gives me 10 benefits at the same time. Throw out the leave in conditioner, heat protection spray, styling wax and other beauty clutter – your everyday hairmergency solution now fits in a single bottle.

Price: S$9.90 (135ml)

Hair Fall Control Hair Strength Tonic

reduce hair fall and protect against damage: prevention is better than cure

For those with hair fall concerns, the new tonic reduces hair fall by 60% while offering 3 months of protection against split ends. If you’re not suffering from thinning or damaged hair however, it is also an excellent preventive measure to an example of everyday emergency: the bald spots that arise from tying up your hair too much.

I don’t know why but I find the nozzle extremely interesting. Its kinda like a woodpecker and mist is distributed evenly. I’m not hot about how this smells but boy it feels damn relaxing. There’s a minty sensation and its perfect for an after lunch spritz.

Its texture is light and non-sticky and you can layer your usual styling products on top without feeling any additional weight.

Price: S$7.95 (95ml)

With these two products on your dressing table, see and feel the #PanteneDifference – your easy, fuss-free and effective everyday hairmergency solution!


These products were sponsored by Pantene Singapore.


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