Aléqua For a Fresh New You

The Aléqua brand was developed with world-renowned French Biophysicist Dr Alain Khaiat, PhD. The lightweight, toxin-free formulas contain strictly no parabens, no sulphates, no oils and no fragrances, and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Aléqua’s mission is to maintain and improve skin health using a simple and effective daily skincare regimen. They believe that skincare should begin early and contains three fundamentals: Protect, Prevent and Correct. They are committed to advanced skincare products that are backed by science and clinical research.

Begin with Aléqua and experience an amazing transformation. Packed with clinical active ingredients, The Aléqua Method is an easy 2-step method to complete your body care regime.

STEP 1: UPON WAKING UP – use Firm ‘N’ Lift™
STEP 2: BEFORE BEDTIME – use NightIntenz™

Firm ‘N’ Lift provides light moisturization, smoothens and firms skin while fighting wrinkles and lessens fatty deposit build up especially for those who hold desk bound jobs.

NightIntenz promotes natural lymphatic drainage, reduces water retention, fights fat accumulation & cellulite while sleeping and contains a firming and tightening concentrate.

I received sample sizes for this review so I can’t say much about its efficacy.  A ping pong diameter size amount should suffice for each application on the entire body which is pretty much almost a third of the tube, which means I only was on this for 3 days.

Concentrate on problem areas such as arms, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, massaging firmly for about 20 to 30 seconds until gel is fully absorbed. Both gels absorb really quickly with no sticky residue. There is a faint medicinal smell to NightIntenz, and it does feel a little bit tingly upon application. My favourite bit has to be the watery texture that spreads easily and evenly.

While I didn’t see much firming or tightening action (highly likely cos I only used this for 3 days), my skin was surprisingly well moisturized. And I think I had less water retention – I get bloated around my tummy area in the mornings and I didn’t really see the puffiness those 3 days.

Would I want to try this? Its an intriguing product and it doesn’t cost much. $49 each for both products is a steal for getting a sculpted and more svelte figure.


This products were sponsored by Aléqua.


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