AB Double Eyelid Accessories

From left to right – Eyelash Wick $16.90, Double Eye Liquid $19.90, Single Eye Tape $19.90, Double Eye Tape $23.90, Natural Eye Tape $19.90, Mezical Fiber 2 $28.90.

I posted a long while ago (half a year actually!) about the official launch of AB Double Eyelid Accessories in Singapore. I’ve already bought more than 5 replacements and coincidentally took a picture over the weekend to show my girlfriend the power of Mezical Fibre so… you get a half-assed post. I only regularly use the Fibre so the power of Google will help me explain the rest of the products in this post.

Eyelash Wick

This one’s great for hooded eyelid girls like myself cos thin-boned falsies aren’t our best friends. Personally, very soft boned lashes ALWAYS flip in and point downwards and totally obscure my vision. This is helpful when I’ve bought the wrong type of falsies and need a quick fix that doesn’t involved sticking 5 pairs together.

Double Eye Liquid

Not the best I’ve tried honestly.

It dries fast but you’ll need to really clean your eyelid of any oil. The holding power is about 2 hours at most without any falsie support and 20 minutes at best if I’ve forgotten to thoroughly remove any traces of grease.

Want to put eyeshadow on this? Good luck sister, it falls apart in about 3 minutes tops.

Single Eyelid Tape & Natural Eye Tape

I can’t use this but I was floored at how thin it is. According to the girlfriend I gave this to, she says its one of the most comfortable tape she has ever used, especially the thin one.

Makeup goes naturally over it and the holding power is good for 6 hours or more. Last I saw, she purchased a new box of natural tape.

Double Eye Tape

This one is very cheem to apply, or so I’ve heard.

My girl and I are not entirely sure why this comes in a rectangular strip which you have to remove most of it after but she claims that this is excellent at giving her very high double eyelids. We both think that its because this is stiffer, thus it holds up better.

Mezical Fiber 2

When I was first introduced to this  type of double eyelid tape, my first response is probably the same as yours – how on earth does one stick this on anything, much less create a double eyelid?

After I found out how, I was quite horrified at the barbaric-ness of it all (go look for some on Youtube) and it took me many tries and courage before I finally mastered the skill of applying this. For those of you too lazy to search, here’s a quick guide:

Yup, it involves marking yourself with a stick (thoughtfully provided in the box), forcefully pressing the fiber against your closed eye like you’re trying to saw your eyelid in half and scaring everyone around you, and using a sharp pair of scissors near your eye. And possibly losing some eyelashes via clumsy snipping. Which I have done a few times.

Its not the easiest thing to use and I still do get my placements wrong sometimes but the results are so worth it.

Double eyelid without falsies and its so natural!

I like the Japanese brand fibers cos they hold better – up to 8 hours or more – and I don’t have to use two at a go. My only complain with AB Mezical Fiber 2 is that they should come with a scissors like how it does in Taiwan, and that the glue can get a little annoying when the fibers are stuck to each other.


These products were sponsored by AB Singapore a long time ago, but what I used in the last picture was purchased by myself.

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