Twas the night before Christmas..

“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.”

Its Christmas Eve! What have you been up to, and how did you spend your day?  Me? I already started my celebrations last Friday. I went for my annual dinner with the BFFs at Westin Hotel’s Season Tastes. We opted for the seafood buffet at S$75++ each this year.

While it was on the expensive side, the girls certainly ate their moneys’ worth! I believe we all had upwards of at least 10 oysters each and countless lobsters and prawns. Poor Jasmine who is pregnant could only salivate and stare. And force a promise out of her husband that he’ll bring her back when she’s popped. And she extracted an oath for sashimi to be included in her first meal after delivery as well.

Cooked food was sub-par but the variety was pretty good. I saw more Asian dishes (laksa, fried rice, duck and chicken etc) but the Indian cuisine was quite interesting. There were at least 5 types of different offerings but I didn’t try any cos seafood + spicy food equals toilet time for me. I liked the appetizers which included smoked salmon, cheeses and shaved ham.

The oysters were the star of the night for me. I didn’t expect buffet stuff to be anything extraordinary but the ones from this hotel were succulent, sweet, FRESH and oh so gawddamn good. According to the BF, I ate about 30 more than my self enforced 6 pieces maximum.

The desserts counter itself occupied an entire island that had sweet treats all around. Expect the standard stuff like chocolate fondue, cheese/chocolate cakes and ice cream. Noteworthy mentions are the chocolate cake which our table of 8 demolished two of, and the coconut ice cream.

We ended with gift exchanges, lots of laughter and love. There are 11 people in this picture. Can you spot them all?

Hint: Freya can only be seen by ultrasound at this point in time.

On the other hand, I also had office and home celebrations today. I’m the head of the office welfare committee and the cash provider at home so I got to make lots of decisions that led to today’s parties.

The office Christmas tree.

We played sick games courtesy of yours truly (I’ll blog about this next Monday), had food catered in and the atypical gift exchange.

Let’s just say that while the food was awful, our activity videos have circulated until USA because we are that crazy. And see that cute little reindeer present? I really, really, REALLY wanted that for the packaging only. Its handmade by my colleague! I planned to asked the lucky recipient if I could have the bag after they took the contents. The giver and myself were both hoping I would get her present. Explanations in the Monday post!

Christmas Tree at home~

See a familiar item at the bottom left corner? I must have been a real good girl this year. Thank you Santa Luck for giving me what I wanted!

It looks like I have a lot of Hello Kitty presents this year (and 4 suspicious items) but I’ll put them in a separate post. My daddy made quiche and potato patties for dinner and I can SMELL  them right now so I’m off to go eat. See you guys tomorrow!

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