Kaiware Japanese Restaurant – Return of the Nazi Chef Peter Teo

I’ve decided to only blog about things that I truly like for my first few posts in 2015 and what better way to start than to go fangirl over my favourite chef who sent this lovely SMS?

PS:  He sent it to the BF first, I got this like 3 weeks later.

PS: Yes, this is a beauty blog. But his food is more important to me than everything else other than my Tuppy. Even more important than the BF. The BF says that if we ever breakup and he can’t find another girl who is as crazy over Chef Teo as I am, he will be depressed forever. Photos are low quality cos the BF took them. I was too busy eating.

Before I go into the post proper, a BIG thank you to all of you who have been emailing me to let me know that Chef Teo has taken up residence at Kaiware. The thing is…. I was already at his restaurant on his 3rd day of business. Long time customers get SMSes from the man himself. I squealed so loudly when I saw the message that my boss thought I tio Toto.

Say hello to the center of my universe. My favourite chef has opened another restaurant after going missing for close to a year after he left Mitsuba. For those who have not worshipped at his altar, Chef Peter Teo is a veteran in authentic Japanese food preparation. Many good reviews and food bloggers have sung praises for the restaurants he has helmed.

Chef Teo is famous for his quality and fresh ingredients. Countless positive testimonies on the food quality are given by patrons and bloggers if you do a simple Google. Food portions and prices are very reasonable too. Over the years of business, Chef Peter Teo has gained a lot of loyal supporters, to the point of cult status. In order not to disappoint his regulars, Chef Peter Teo had once again taken up the opportunity to return back to the scene.

At this new branch at TripleOne Somerset, he serves his all time famous chirashi don and cod hotpot among other new dishes.

I brought about 17 pax for my first meal at his restaurant and I was…. late. You’ve guessed it – I got scolded. And he already gave away our seats. But dear old chef made space for us and I could not be more grateful. I was ready to desert all my colleagues and make them go downstairs to the steamboat place while I enjoy my sake jyu by myself. That night, we spent $3,000. He gained about 5 new regulars.

The BF forced (not really, I was too willing) me to go again 3 days later. Picture spam incoming.

We went overboard again. The tamago sushi…. oh the tamago. I just salivated. His food is as delicious and as good as you remember. Pics from several trips to Kaiware, which explains the different tabletops.

The menu has had some notable changes such as the gyoza – which is more of a cross between siew mai and gyoza and removal of teriyaki chicken and most cooked foods. Not much of a price increase and the seating area seems smaller than Mitsuba but who cares when you get to eat heaven on Earth again right?

Giveaway time! 4 Kaiware Japanese Restaurant’s Privilege Cards to be won!


As if I would ever give up my discount cards. Chef passed them to me for my entourage of four (the BF and me, his bro and his wife) my first trip there.

Head over to support our favourite chef before he decides to retire again.

Kaiware Japanese Restaurant

Tripleone Somerset | #02-15

T: +65 6735 2345
Daily Opening Hours: 1130am to 3pm & 6pm to 10pm

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