The Office Christmas Affair

Yes I’m late… I promised this post two weeks ago but the pictures from the office camera didn’t come in until recently. My entire department can be seen in the pic above! Proves we all damn no mood to work, faster go into meeting room to slack first… who works on Christmas Eve anyway!?

Learned a valuable lesson here… NEVER let the China folks decide where to cater food from. They googled and went for the first result – not surprisingly the well known N– G—–.

I don’t hate, hate their food but their service really sucks. Always late and unapologetic. My office guys set up everything (tables, burners, etc) by themselves cos delivery was 2 hours behind time and the NG staff still took their own sweet time about it.

We celebrated December birthday babies too. One of them was our director who coincidentally had his lunar birthday on the day itself so we kinda forced him into taking silly pictures with the two other celebrants who were girls. He’s usually quite staid and serious but he let us have our fun that day.

As for the “sick games” I mentioned previously, most of them were very tame. Our gift exchange was the draw a number for your present type but nobody knew that 5 numbers had special tasks attached to them. Quick summary of the 5 special tasks, everybody had to spin 10 rounds till giddy and wear boxing gloves first:

  1. Type out a sentence
  2. Unwrap a present
  3. Make a sand castle
  4. Nominate 4 other colleagues to twerk
  5. Nominate a colleague who would draw on your face

Very normal right… until we revealed the last and hidden game.

Guess whose gift you received, take a selfie with that person, and you get the right to graffiti that person’s face and he/she isn’t allowed to wash it off until knock off time.

The HR director had doubts about this idea. He didn’t know if it would take off (neither did I) but it sounded fun so we went ahead with it after making a pact* to not sabotage each other.

* Let’s just say I was very careful to make the pact ONLY with his assistant. 

What happened you ask? This.

Our meeting room EXPLODED. Took everyone about 10 seconds to absorb the game rules and some uncertainty about attacking another colleague, but I knew I could count on my warehouse guys to start the fun.

My guys turned into wildcat suddenly – pouncing and grabbing and restraining each other. Lots of sabotaging going around and also lots of shifty sneaky people trying to escape the room without anyone noticing. You would have thought we were a bunch of grown ups playing some violent version of catching. Everybody tried to hide their faces so this ensued in some damn hilarious photos.

Office manager being manhandled and screaming away. Make a note to remember the big guy on the right carrying him. He’ll be pivotal in the coming pictures.

Office manager grudgingly but still quite happily letting a sweet young girl draw on his face. We were drawing whiskers on him to make him a cat, cos the girl with the marker is named Catherine.

Office manager NOT happily letting a NOT sweet young thing draw on his face because not sweet young thing haha. Catherine was too tame with her drawings so her team leader stepped up and improved her artwork instead.

All the men in my office……. manned up and helped us girls hold down the males we were going after. For example:

Mr HR Director who I shamelessly sabo-ed. I went directly to the girl who chose his gift and told her to graffiti his face by all or any means.

We faked him by launching an attack on the director who sits next to him and pretended to need extra help but ended up arm locking him instead. Mission successful as you can see. He later tried to get the person who chose my gift to come draw on my face but I have lots of street cred in the office. Nobody would come do mean things to me =D

Big guy from the earlier pic caught hold of another colleague! He was seriously the MVP that day, NOBODY could wriggle from his grasp. But….

*cue inception music*

He was caught while catching. The guys schemed for a long time before executing their catch Big Guy plan. And ouch. See that finger in the eye action. That was what I meant about every one trying to hide their faces.

I think we had like nine men try to hold Big Guy down and very nearly did not succeed? I was laughing my ass off at this point so I didn’t see if he got drawn on but this was pretty much the last “fight” of the day.

Lots of videos were taken and they’ve been circulating our other offices and we’re (actually just me and HR director) all determined to make this an annual affair. Considering we only had 30 minutes to plan for these activities, I think they turned out well and we all went home with full bellies and full hearts.

To the colleagues reading this – We all rock!

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