#38sistas Staycation: Montigo Batam 2014

“You have the family you’re born with, and the family you choose.”

After 15 years of being best friends, I finally went on vacay with my BFFs! And it was as good as we always expected – there was so much love and laughter and craziness. This trip was a super last minute decision and we only booked it about a week before we were due to arrive…. ON NATIONAL DAY WEEKEND. (Yes, this is an extremely backdated post.) We paid about all in $200 each – ferry tickets, fuel surcharge, transfer and mountain top villa with breakfast.

But we went. And I am so thankful we did. Here’s the post my sisters, another memory we can talk about for the rest of our lives.

The night before we left, we all agreed to Instagram the stuff we were packing. I KNEW the bottom two picture’s people would bring a containerload of junk. And I was right!!

PS: Mine’s the top right. And I swear there wasn’t much extra in my luggage. Just another set of clothes and underwear. I still had enough space to pack in 2 huge bags of potato chips and various sundries at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal cos the problematic containerload people were carry plastic bags.

Seriously not sure why 4 girls needed this much luggage – mine’s the tiny pink one – for a 2 day 1 night trip. There are approximately 3 more bags that are not in this picture, excluding our handbags. We did bring our own food to cook though so that added to our baggage.

Introducing the cast from left to right: Sephanie (aka Sephy or my wife – long story), Jasmine (aka Jas or the pregnant one), yours truly, and June.

The ferry ride was very uneventful and we spent the entire time gossiping, snacking and selfie-ing. Lots of fisherman on the boat talking about what they hoped to catch, which made my wife and I miss our men a little. We’re both married to wannabe anglers.

Immigration at Batam was annoying though. Everyone’s high spirited when on vacation and there’s bound to be talking and laughing. Nobody from the entire ferry noticed a minuscule A4 sign pasted on an incongruous pillar about 2 meters away from where we were that said something along the lines of keep quiet, or you’ll be deported back to Singapore. A group of young teenagers got hauled into a room when they argued back cos the officer wasn’t too polite when telling us to shut up. Lo and behold, two days after we came back, The New Paper ran a report on how some Singaporeans were forcibly sent back home for being “too noisy”. Put up a more obvious sign if you need silence you dumbasses.

The welcome service was impeccable. Every staff had a huge cheery smile, you got handed a nice warm towel and a cold refreshing lemongrass cocktail and traditional Indonesian dancers greeted us the moment we stepped off the van. We didn’t really need the refreshments. It took only about 15 minutes at most from the ferry terminal to the resort?

I’m the eldest one in our group so I pulled rank and threw my passport plus some cash at my wife (she’s the second youngest, and the youngest is pregnant) for check-in and ran away to check out the nearby facilities. Aka convenience store so I could buy cigarettes and drinks. Do note that you’ll need… erm.. I don’t remember S$50 or S$100 as deposit.

An extremely friendly welcome officer explained the where/how/when of everything in and around the resort and pretty much made sure we knew anything we needed to know. Including pricing levels of the restaurants on the property.. super thoughtful! I didn’t like how 2 of the staff girls around kept trying to hardsell us private BBQ dinner sets though. I had overheard their manager reprimanding them for not selling the sets and if they were not interested in getting paid. But really, S$100 per pax for a couple of chicken wings, satay and various seafood? We might have paid for it but I was glad we didn’t when we got to our villa.

Off to the villa with our very happy driver! And yes, EVERY staff was that smiley and cheerful and happy. You would have to be a grinch to be unhappy at Montigo. Two thumbs up for the attitude! Transport within the resort is also readily available. Just call, and they’ll come pick you up. The drivers never ever gave us “tip face” either. They picked us up, dropped us off and left. We’re nice people though, we tipped every single one of them. Upcoming: villa pic spam.

The villa is beautiful, clean and spacious but unfinished.

There’s a balcony with an attached pool (yay), a living room with cooking facilities – stove, utensils, microwave, fridge, sink, 3 toilets, an outdoor jacuzzi tub, 2 bedrooms and a sundeck. The sundeck was so messy and had no furnishings so we didn’t take any pictures of it. There was also a spare room with construction stuff inside and various weird tools lying around inconspicuous corners.

Amenities are also thoughtfully provided. We had sunbeds, slippers, ice bucket (but you’ll have to call reception for ice), insect repellents, a hair dryer, the standard toiletries and even complimentary drinks.

We all learned again why we’re best friends almost right after moving into the villa.

We’re all lazy. Unpacking means taking what you need out from your bag and leaving the needed on the nearest flat surface. None of us brought our luggage up to the rooms either.

We’re all slobs. We pretty much messed up the entire living room and kitchen in about 20 minutes.

We eat the same stuff. Mostly fruits and junk food, and very simple carbs.

None of us can use a microwave. We had frozen chicken but we stared at the microwave for about 5 minutes. Thanks to my superior intelligence, we had snacks to eat.

We’re more interested in having fun than real stuff like starving to death. Every single one of us was taking pictures instead of making sure that our chicken could be safely eaten.

We’re vain. See the next picture.

Four girls, and more than forty beauty products. And this is not all that we brought. We realized halfway through that bringing out all our skin care and cosmetics means repacking them back into our bags later.

All the SK-II is mine, and all the Skincode is my wife’s. I refuse to admit to what else is mine.

And then pool time! The pool is not big enough for serious exercise but its good enough for having a lot of fun. You can comfortably swim about 10 laps without getting winded.

Most of our pool pursuits involved wannabe gymnatics, bouts of yoga practice, pretending to be choreograph swimmers, swallowing the pool while attempting underwater handstands, laughing at June’s abnormally big toenail and singing songs. We used to be choir girls so yeah, we were rehashing the songs we learned. All of us sopranos have become altos without weekly training.

Had over very simple dinner – NONE OF THOSE BITCHES CAN OPERATE A STOVE OR MICROWAVE SO YOURS TRULY HAD TO DO EVERYTHING – but we did order some kebabs from the resort. Totally not worth the money. Extremely not edible, the meat was so tough and chewy, and cost us about S$12 ?

And then night came. We had already planned to play with make up and stuff so this was the result:











I apologize for scaring you =p

We usually look like proper humans (picture incoming at the end of this post) and I really have no idea how it became from experimenting with each other’s cosmetics to the Rocky Horror Show Asian Edition.

My mother and brother disowned me after seeing this pic on Facebook and banished me to the BF’s house to stay upon my return. The BF disowned me as well =(

Breakfast was pretty good but we only had about 20 minutes to eat cos we woke up damn late… Roti Jala was da bomb and they had a mean selection of breads and cheeses which I loved.

We couldn’t get late checkout but we were lounging around in the pool and living room while housekeeping tidied the upstairs bedrooms and they later recommended the pool bar as a hang out place while we waited for our transfer.

ILTs, a cocktail and a beer for the super hot afternoon. None of us swam cos the pool didn’t exactly look too clean plus we weren’t interested in going home with wet hair.

All in all it was a fantastic trip with only us BFFs and we’re already planning for this year’s. Till then, see you all.


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