Fiole NP3.1 Neoprocess Hair Repair Treatment System

This is an ad that wasn’t really an ad until I decided that it should be an ad. Confused? What went down was that my hair sponsor and long time nagger passed me these two conditioners to try about a *whispers softly* year ago.

Not totally my fault because when I asked her what’s so special about this and the only thing she said was – “you try you will know already”. Act suspicious only. I have an innate need to disbelief what people claim is their must have so I kinda dumped this into my “review when nothing to review” box.

Here’s a transcript of what happened when I finally used this.

“So mafan to have to towel dry then put this on for 15 minutes then wash off again. Might as well take time to take another picture.”

“Feels and smells like normal conditioner.”

“Not so easy to apply like normal conditioner.”

*washes hair 15 minutes later*

“Hmm… quite soft but my hair ends are OMG SO BABY SOFT SQUEEEEEEEEEE!”

I kid you not. The ends of my hair (where there was the highest concentration of this) were so so so so so so so soft and touchable and silky and strokable. I spent a good part of the night after my shower just brushing my hair over my lips. I suspected that I did something wrongly and thus didn’t get the full benefits from this so I asked Stella when I went for a hair cut a few days later. Apparently one has to really spam this like a mask instead of conditioner. This, was completely not enough for my midback long hair:

I would need about a quarter to a third of the tube everytime I use this. My first thought? Damn expensive. Each tube is $40 and I can only use it for 3 to 4 times? Crazy.

I’m not sure if this should be a daily thing (I’m guessing not) but that’s still a lot of money for hair care, especially for those of us with thick long hair. This is what my hair usually looks like when fan-dried: here. It’s an ad for another brand so I’m not putting it here but yeah… I have hay hair. And then I used it properly the second time around. And then…




Is this my hair!?!? I swear I didn’t do anything special. Only washed and did the whole towel dry leave on for 15 minutes wash off thing.

It looks A LOT better in real life – my mom asked if I rebonded my hair. Excuse the no make up face too, I took this shot before to ask if this should be the effect of NP3.1.

I’m seldom surprised by beauty products anymore but this one blew me away. I began advocating this to the BFFs immediately and one of them told me that she’s already a fan of this range of products. Okay can, good things never share.

But the thing is, she pays an upwards of $200 at a salon for this treatment so my measly $40 per tube doesn’t seem quite so expensive anymore. I am so so so so so in love with this that I’m hoarding it to use only when I have special occasions.

And because Miss Hairstylist had to do the act cute thing and not tell me what this product actually is…. here’s some info from googling:

Used in many salons across Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and extremely effective for damaged hair.

Japan Fiole NP3.1 Neoprocess Hair Repair Treatment System +1 Blue – Suitable for normal hair.

Pink – Suitable for chemically processed and dry/damaged hair.

Remove substances that cause acidity to hair. Moisturises deeply to aid manufacture of hair protein. Strengthens hair, prevents loss of nutrients. Enhances absorption of nutrients, lays protection against elements, over the hair.

I did ask Stella what’s the difference between red and blue but she said no diff. I’m guessing you’ll need a real professional to tell you the benefits of this hair mask because I really don’t have much info other than I fucking love it.

Personally, I use it once a week and it’s good enough to leave my hair softer than normal for the next few washes. This magic must have can be purchased for $40 at Roots Salon.

The Roots Salon
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:65829763 or 65847002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)

Like their Facebook page here.

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2 thoughts on “Fiole NP3.1 Neoprocess Hair Repair Treatment System

    • chrystal says:

      Hello! Its a little bit tedious but the results are super worth it:

      1. Wash hair normally with shampoo
      2. Towel dry hair (make sure its not dripping, just moist)
      3. Liberally apply conditioner and leave for 15 minutes
      4. Wash off
      5. Profit!

      Hope this helps =)

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