Vanitee: Discover Beauty Services & Professionals in Singapore

The geniuses behind VanityTrove have something super duper exciting in the pipelines – an on-the-go app to browse and book beauty professionals as and when you need to.

Actually I had the chance to book a session since last December but I was so crazy busy… sorry D!

There’s a ton of services you can get from the app (or website, whichever floats your boat).

Nails | Hair | Facial | Body Therapy | Spa | Makeup | Brow and Lash | Hair Removal | Personal Training | Massage | Yoga | Sports | Martial Arts | Aesthetics | Style & Image | Enrichment | Photography | Dance

There’s a rating system in place with reviews from customers so you can decide if you’ll want to explore a new beauty provider based on their feedbacks.

I scoured through a gazillion manicurists and decided on Genails cos her nail art looks pretty good and its in the east as well. I would have gotten housecall manicurists but nobody I wanted had free slots on weekends. Yep, you can see in real-time when the beauty provider is available for booking!

Some of Genail’s previously done manicures:

Not bad right! Booking on was a breeze too. All I had to do was to select the services I want, choose the dates I prefer and enter my credit card number as a bond incase of no show. Jeanne from Genails contacted me not long after to confirm the booking details.

I’m super excited to go do my nails cos I have a design in mind that I want already and I’m sure she can do it. My appoint is on the 7th, so I’ll be back with a review by then.

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