GeNails Home Based Salon

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had made an appointment with GeNails on and I’m now typing out this post with the cutest nails everrrrrrrr. Picture later. First a little about GeNails.

GeNails was founded in September 2013. The initial idea of the business was to bring convenience to ladies who has NO time to get their nails done due to endless OT at work or having to rush home to look after their kids and etc.

With GeNails, ladies can be at home with their kids, or work from home and at the same time get their nails beautified. They can save the hassle of going out of the house, especially on rainy days or lazy weekends. However, nothing is perfect, some problems started to surface: houses too small, inconvenient to visit, without a proper space to carry out services and etc.

Therefore, GeNails Home Based Salon was set up in August 2014 to resolve the issues which house call services faced. At the same time, providing the services at a much afforadable rates. Customers can now choose either mode of services at their convenience.

GeNails (helmed by a super duper friendly lady called Jeanne) is located in the heart of Singapore and just a stone’s throw away from Lavender MRT. Her home based salon is more than adequately kitted out for any manicure you could want.

I took a look at her portfolio and was pleasantly surprised by Jeanne’s skill at freehand art. A lot of manicurists can’t even draw a straight line to save their lives and their nail art always turn out like it was done on a bumpy train.

From this simple tray, I see nail art and quilts and embellishments and so many other intricate details so I felt like my hands were in good hands.

Baking my hands!

There were so many choices for me to pick from but I ended up getting a CNY x Valentine’s set at her suggestion. Aunty here abit cheapskate lah – I asked for modifications to the designs so the grow out wouldn’t be obvious and I could still wear my manicure for CNY visiting. Jeanne was super accommodating and changed the designs to suit my needs without blinking an eye.

Not difficult to guess what my design would be right…?

A look at the service standard – Jeanne’s basic skills (shaping, cuticle care, etc) are pretty decent (and in my own opinion better than about 75% of manicurists from brick and mortar stores) and I don’t have much to complain about but hygiene could be observed a little bit better. I hate having dusty hands and my nail dust wasn’t removed/washed off at all so that irked me.

Other than that, Jeanne is very meticulous when it comes to her work. It was therapeutic for me to just watch her do her magic on my nails. So what did I end up with?


I did attempt to do this on my mom’s nails but I used normal polish instead of gel and it turned out quite rubbishy. The gel application is one of the better ones I’ve experience so far too.

Tons of manicurists miscue and get gellish on cuticles and sides of the nails but I see none of that from Jeanne’s handiwork. When you get overlaying gel, the manicure tends to “rip” off easier as it grows out so I foresee at least a month’s worth of staying power for this set.

I also got a matching pedicure (I paid with CNY surcharge and all, not sponsored) since I already had time off to do my nails. Seriously I kinda like doing my nails with Jeanne. Most places irritate me cos they just don’t do their shaping properly or try to get by with half-assed nail art but GeNails takes a lot of pride in her work and delivers the best that she can.

Would I be back – sponsored or not? Absolutely yes. Check out more of GeNails Home Based Salon on the following platforms:




Prices are extremely affordable. Remember to make an appointment before heading to location!

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