Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

I already went for one with the BF’s family on Sunday so today was my second with my family. Picture above from my meal with the in-laws.

The food at Old Hong Kong (at Novena Square 2) is actually not bad. Supposed to be Cantonese food but we had an array of Hokkien, Cantonese and Hakka cuisine. Every dish was pleasant on the palate but the broiled cabbage with abalone was a big hit with the dad-in-law and me. We slurped up every single piece of green on the plate *burp*

I went for an “emergency haircut*” right before dinner today too! Stella wasn’t free to set my hair so another of her stylists did it instead.

I don’t like it….. too curly =(

Bu thankfully this new stylist person doesn’t know how to deal with my super stubborn hair so most of the curls are gone right now as I’m writing this post! The BF is sad though. He likes this kind of va-va-voom big bouncy curl thing.

*PS: “Emergency haircut” because I know that once I wash my hair, my mom will stop asking me to help clean up the house before reunion dinner. Mission accomplished.

I’m the sou chef at home, assisting my father the head chef and CNY is the only time I would do this willingly. For some strange reason, nobody at home likes eating the dark wrinkly bits from abalone so I get to eat all of them while I slice and prepare ingredients for steamboat.


My son very rudely waiting for dinner.

Tuppy has a very weird habit when it comes to festive dinners eaten at the second living room. (My house has two living rooms, one inside, one outside.) He whines and begs to sit on the chairs even for just a moment. I think he just wants to be part of the celebrations.

And cos I was chatting with my colleagues on Wechat, we were sending each other pictures of our dinners and I thought it would be interesting to show the differences between Singapore, Malaysia and China reunion dishes.

My very own Singaporean reunion. Missing curry, ngoh hiang, abalone and yu sheng. We had simpler food this year cos we also have lots and lots of leftovers and it always goes to waste. Spot my Hello Kitty utensils!

Dinner from across the causeway – lots of meat, meat and more meat. Yums. And last but not least, this is what the China Chinese folks have for their reunions:

What they lack in colour, they certainly make up for in quantity! This meal was for 3 people if I remembered correctly. I’ve noticed that China folks like to have many dishes on the dining table to signify wealth.

And there you have it! I’m off to help my mom do the last minute chores like prepare ang baos for tomorrow and sleeping later tonight to wish her a long healthy life. See you on Friday, and happy new year!

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