I had a Goat weekend, did you?

First fortune cookie of the year and its positive! My colleague handed them out to everyone and my team’s fortunes were damn funny. Picture this – my assistant and lead designer sit on my right, and the other designer sits on my left and I’m in the midst of the row. By the way, we received these cookies on the day of the 10m Toto draw.

Lead design opens his first and it’s along the lines of “risk taking could beget small fortunes”, my assistant had something along  the lines of “investments could pay off” and mine outright says I have windfall luck. The designer on my left became super excited, we were saying her’s would just include the address to collect her 10m Toto winnings. When she opened hers, it said:

“Don’t spend unnecessary money.”

HAHAHAHAHHA. But her fortune was the truest. None of us became overnight millionaires. If you buy 6323 and tio 4D, I expect a small cut from it.

Family pic with my honarary grandma! (I don’t have any grandmas *sobs*). Why my head so big and face so round!?

Anyway, I “zhuped” aka picked up my dress from the office reject pile cos my mother-in-law bought me blue sandals and my mom refused to let me wear denim shorts for visiting. They went together perfectly. I’m on my tiptoes and my bro is still 10cm  taller than me. Not fair one!

Gambling winnings from the past few days, made a profit this year! My cute fortune cat manicure is by GeNails. There’s supposed to be about $250 more than what I have in hand but I used the missing amount for giving out ang baos to my elderly (and single) uncle, and my best friend’s new daughter.

Speaking of which, here she is!

Hello little Freya ❤

I felt sad when I saw this picture. All four of us don’t look like young girls anymore, we’re definitely in the “woman” category now. And we’re barely past 30!

But anyway, here’s my best friends (and my new niece) and I wishing you all a happy new year~

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