A Tribute: Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Once upon a time, our country was nothing more than a mishmash of kampungs and swines and filth all struggling to make their lives work out.

Today, Singapore is THE little red dot – an extraordinary achievement brought upon by an ordinary man. But the first of our founding fathers is no more. I hear talk of how “happy” some people are that a local legend has left us. But I want to ask those who bear this sentiment – what are you pissed at?

That a man gave up his own life to ensure that lives of millions would flourish under his care? That this one man fought against the odds and gave us clean water, no corruption, beautiful greenery, safe roads and well-being? And how many of us are proud to lift our heads high and call ourselves Singaporeans? Almost all I would think.

All thanks to Mr Lee’s vision.

Today, huge multinational companies choose to seat their HQs in this little city-state, our currency was readjusted by ourselves cos it was getting too strong even against USA, our healthcare is exemplary, and on a personal note, I strongly believe that we have nothing to be ashamed of. Our literacy rate is one of the highest in the world, so is our education. Tourists from all corners of the globe are in awe when they see our city.

I read a Facebook post the other day from a fellow Singaporean which I really identified with but I only saved the text, and not the link so please do contact me if you are the writer. Here are the choice bits, with some editing for readability:

Sure, cars are expensive here la… do u know in Thailand or Jakarta, a small distance like Yishun to Ang Mo kio will take 2 hours to drive because everyone has a car and its congested very badly. This was said by tourists.

Sure, houses are expensive… do u know that in Hongkong, people dun own their flats??? Its so expensive, everyone rents. And the houses are smaller than our flats!!!

Sure, we buy water from our neighbour… but how many of us know that we treat the same water and sell it back to our neighbour???

Everyday since i was born… till today…. i cannot remember a day when electricity or water went out…. i can drink the water out of the tap and toilet bowl… its that clean…. and i can switch on my fan anytime i want… it will work…. i went to india and i witnessed it first hand…. bloody every three hours… there was a power cut…. even in hotels… then the generators will kick in…

There was a tourist from Paris… she lost her husband to a heart attack… they live in the outskirts of Paris. She called for an ambulance and it took the damn ambulance 2 hours to get to them…. PARIS OK!!!! World reknowned tourist spot… 2 hours for ambulance response…. You dial 995 and call for ambulance now la.. you see how long the response time is. God damn they even opened up independent ambulance companies so that the real emergencies can be attended to by SCDF laaa.

Sure.. there was a riot in little india… but it was contained wasnt it??? Ya our police and civil defence got a beating… but still… did any civilian get injured??? People living in the flats beside… got injured??? The ambulance that got burnt…. what does it show… Singapore’s patience or that particular nationality’s uncivilised behaviour…. (Note: This was written by an Indian Singaporean). The very next day, that road was cleaned and relaid.

My current job allows me to meet different nationalities everyday… straight from the airport…. and we always get to talking… abt their country versus mine… and almost EVERY SINGLE person…. tells me “You guys dun know how good u have it here”.

Every government has its flaws and shortcomings….. every government…. they arer humans laaa…. not machines….. Our laws are amongst the strictest…. and i have personally felt the brunt of some of the laws… but u know what??? I aint complaining…. my mum.. sister… girlfren… can go out and come back whatever time… they r fine…

I can sleep in my van and wake up… with my doors unlocked… i will not be mugged and robbed.

Ppl from certain countries come here… to study… they have to take cross over exams… to match our system. I go somewhere…. my education is recognised la god damn it.

Foreigner influx was probably the blooper singapore did…. but hey…. i have got a job… i earn very well… i am happy… I have got close friends that live in condos.. drive nice cars… live in landed houses… have lots of money…..

So its definitely possible for everyone to “live the life” here… sure it may be difficult to rise up to the top… but hey…. other countries easy ahhhh????? You know ahhh????

A flat in singapore is 300,000…. a landed house in the states is also 300,000…. u get alot of space… but u still NEED TO HAVE MONEY….. Soooo…. if u r not successful.. blame urself…. not the country.. the system… the lamp post… or the dog….

Other countries… got natural resources… to build on… what does singapore have??? NOTHING!!! the people are the resource… and that why we have to work and contribute to build the country…

America… canada… all 40% tax sia… and here we complain for paying CPF and tax….

U try la… go and say smthg bad abt our neighbour to their citizens… or better still say smthg bad abt india to an indian citizen who lives in singapore…. you see what happens…. Their country is full of injustice and problems…. but they will NEVER SPEAK DOWN ON THEIR COUNTRY…

Look at what we r doing…..

This social portal page… newnation or smthg… teases that singapore will be renamed Lee Kuan Yew… eh why laaa i ask u. Then name as what?? mohd goahead bin gostan??? Or Angamuthu s/o singamuthu is it???

That man…. whether u like it or not… was a key installation to the life we have today….. not sang nila utama… or that tengku…. or stamford raffles…..

The name is LEE KUAN YEW…

and if he is no longer ard…. i WILL feel sad…. coz god damn it i am SINGAPOREAN… and even though my country has its fair share of bullshit…. i LOVE this damn place…. the life and opportunity it has given me…. the level playing field it has given me….

And it was because Lee Kuan Yew had a vision and he went abt executing it…. Lets show a little bit of gratfulness laaa… a little bit…. Whether he did right or wrong…..the man who gave us this quality of life has reached the end of the tunnel…. let him go in peace and respect…..

I couldn’t have said all these any better. I don’t know what will happen in the coming days, if fellow countrymen will revolt against a government who has lost their pillar. What I do know is that our current Prime Minister is not only the strength of our country. At this moment, he is also a son. Us Singaporeans may have lost our founding father but PM Lee has lost his biological father. The courage it took him to announce to the world that his kin has passed cannot be easy.

And with this note, I leave you with an appropriate rendition of Majulah Singapura as sung by Olinda Cho.

PS: There was actually a scheduled post today on different types of eyeliners and how to use them (think gel and shadows, and whether Stila makeup smudgesticks are eye pencils or not). I’ve shifted the date to Friday, so be back then.

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