Vichy Ideal White Review

The lovely people behind Vichy invited me to a super cozy sit down event launch at Arteastiq so the pictures in this post will look a little yellowish cos the lighting there is atrocious. When they said invited a small list of bloggers, I expected 15 to 20. There were only 5 of us there that night. I am truly honoured. Thank you girls!

We’re all familiar with the metabolism of our body. But how about skin metabolism?

When our skin’s metabolism is normal, our cells function well – damage is repaired, cells self- exfoliate and collagen production stays constant. But like all biological systems, the metabolism of our skin inevitably deteriorates as we age. It is also slowed down further by external aggressors (no surprise!).

The foundation of Ideal White is a unique complex that enhances the skin’s whitening balance and boosts skin’s metabolism for spotless, healthy glowing skin. Vichy’s scientists investigated the skin’s mechanisms that lead to pigmentation disorders and found the answer to be in the metabolic flow of melanin.

When the metabolic flows of melanin become unsettled, pigmentation problems such dark spots, yellowish skin tone, and dullness occur.

As fairness is a lifelong beauty pursuit, Vichy has developed a comprehensive range of Ideal White products. Created to enable Asian women to achieve their ideal three-dimensional complexion, these nine products cleanse, prepare, transform, care, target and protect.

I got to bring home two products but I’ll also share my first impressions for those I tried onsite.

Ideal White Brightening  Deep Cleansing Foam

This has a funny story behind it – none of us bloggers wanted to open this up to swatch it! We all just quietly and unanimously passed over this foam. You still can see the security plastic wrap on it haha. And of course as with all Vichy products, all of them contain their thermal spring water and has that signature Vichy scent.

Cleansing is crucial in order to maintain healthy skin.  Pollution, UV rays and even make-up can leave skin dull and greasy. This foaming cream will gently remove any impurities or residue thanks to its mild cleansing oils and high concentration of hydrating glycerin. Vichy Thermal Spa Water restores the skin’s natural pH levels – refreshing it with all the minerals it needs. Used morning and night, this highly moisturising foam ensures skin is perfectly clean, soft and fresh. It also works on complexion flaws and pigmentation disorders, leaving skin with a greater luminosity and transparency.

Price: $39, 100ml

Ideal White Meta-Whitening Cosmetic Water

This fortifying primer is one of the three heroes for this range. Its formulated with mineral-rich Vichy Thermal Spa Water and prepares the skin by diffusing hydration within the epidermis. It’s non-greasy formula leaves the skin intensely quenched, velvety soft and intensely refreshed. Only extremely hydrated skin has the delicate texture capable of reflecting and scattering light to create that perfect iridescent glow from within.

Its super light and absorbed very very quickly. The area I applied on felt smooth and bouncy not long after.

Price: $39, 200ml

Ideal White  Meta-Whitening Essence

Vichy’s iconic new whitening product with the most powerful metabolic whitening complex that restores and boosts your skin’s metabolism for flawless, radiant and translucent skin. The first creamy essence that penetrates quickly with a fresh watery sensation and a non-sticky natural pearly finish. Enriched with titanium dioxide and pink pearlescent agent, it provides immediate whitening effect and rosy glow and leaves skin plump and smooth.

I’ve been using this for about a month and I’m on the fence about it even though its one of the star products.

While it does give me a nice iridescent glow, plumps and smooths, I’m not a big fan of how this feels. Its definitely more watery than cream and its lightweight but it doesn’t absorb fast enough for my liking. I can still feel a slight stickiness up to 10 minutes after I’ve applied this. Its fine if I’m using this at night but it does take up time in the mornings.

Price: $85, 30ml

Ideal White Whitening  Re-Plumping Gel Cream 

A day cream that uses purifying peony flowers and patented DRM technology to revitalise and reinvigorate skin – while whitening it from within. Offering all- day hydration and flawless luminosity, it plumps up tired or sallow skin to give it a youthful vivacity.

I liked this a lot! I secretly put some on my neck while we were at Arteastiq and my skin practically drank this up in no time. (Or maybe my skin is dehydrated?)

I’m planning to purchase this sometime soon but I haven’t been able to find the other product I want to buy in any of the stores so I’ll get this and that other one (which I’ll tell you which one soon) when I find them.

Oh by the way, check out the crazy luminosity on my hand! That’s all this ranges’ doing!

Price: $59, 50ml

Ideal White  Meta-Whitening Emulsion 

The last of the heroes I’ll be introducing today, this is a breakthrough emulsified gel-cream that offers 24-hour hydration for skin that is smoother, healthier and more plumped. Light and fresh in consistency, it spreads and absorbs easily. It is translucent, cooling and non-greasy, but contains the perfect amount of glycerine to improve hydration and leave behind a perfectly soft, non-sticky finish.

This is sitting on my dressing table right now next to its friend which I bought at Watsons cos its my birthday month and I get more points =p

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturizer is already part of my daily routine and I think this emulsion outperforms the moisturizer. I get the boing-boing feel that I really like and my foundation goes on like butter on a hot pan after. This does give me some of those tiny easily popped pimples if I’ve sweat a lot during the day but I’ll live with them.

Price: $59, 50ml

Ideal White Eyes  Deep Whitening Illuminating Concentrate 

This quickly-absorbed concentrate combines the deep power of a whitening essence with the instant illuminating benefits of mother-of-pearl to transform under-eye shadows and puffiness. The delicate skin around the eye area becomes visibly lighter and more radiant. Uneven skin tone is corrected.

Abit cheating cos I can already see that this is pearly and has colour to offset your dark circles. Its very delicate and easy to apply though.

Price: $65, 15ml

Ideal White Deep Whitening  Spot Intervention

Targeting dark spots and pigmentation problems, this corrector is formulated with the highest concentration of micro- exfoliator LHA within the whole Ideal White range, as well Ceramide White™ and a powerful dosage of Vitamin C. It can be applied directly onto age spots, sun spots and imperfections with its fine directing tip. It soothes instantly and works quickly to reduce both the size and colour of spots.

Yay comes with the cold tip applicator thing that I like! I don’t know if it will be better than my Hyaluspot but I don’t really like the consistency of this one that much.

Price: $69, 15ml

Ideal White Anti-Sun Spots  Daily Ultra Block 

SPF 50 PA+++ Purple on the left, SPF 40 PA+++ on the right.

A highly advanced skin protector against some of the most damaging environmental aggressors – not only UVA and UVB rays, but also particles of pollution.  However, it is not simply a defence mechanism. It also works pro-actively to improve skin health. The formula contains antioxidants that preserve cell function, detoxify the skin, and optimise its quality. Specifically for combination to oily skin, this oil-free block leaves the complexion with a fresh and matt appearance. The addition of zinc limits sebum production, so the skin is protected and hydrated, but not greasy.

Cosmetically, the purple block enhances and brightens. It instantly gives the complexion a beautiful luminosity – thanks to the addition of light-reflecting pigments. I’ve been looking for this up down left right center but I can’t find it. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or the stores in the East sell this out really fast.

Price: $49, 30ml (Same price for both)

7 thoughts on “Vichy Ideal White Review

  1. jayashree says:

    Why would u like to tell me what the difference between vichy ideal whitening repluming gel cream and vichy ideal white meta whitening. .. Please help me out m really confused. ….

    • chrystal says:

      Hello Jayashree! Thank you for reading my blog =)

      Here is the difference:
      Vichy Ideal White Meta-Whitening Cosmetic Water – Day and night toner for pigmentation problems. Prepares skin to absorb better. Use before all skin care.

      Vichy Ideal White Meta-Whitening Essence – Day and night essence for pigmentation problems. This is a vitamin that helps lighten dark spots and give immediate whitening effect. Use after toner.

      Vichy Ideal White Meta-Whitening Emulsion – Moisturizes for radiant and plump skin. I recommed this for day. Use after all skin care.

      Vichy Ideal White Whitening Replumping Gel Cream – Moisturizer for smooth and bouncy skin. I recommend this for night. Use after all skin care.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Sadhana says:

    Hi Chrystal, I have searched all over the internet about a review on Vichy and yours is the best one i found on it.Thanks for the review. I am a combination oily t-zone skin and i need some suggestions from you. I use separate cleanser and toner and can night i use Vichy night detox. in day i use Vichy ideal white anti sun spot daily ultra block spf 40.
    Now can you tell me when to use Whitening Emulsion and Ideal White Whitening Replumping Gel Cream. Hope you reply, thanks in advance.

    • chrystal says:

      Hello Sadhana! Thanks for reading my post 🙂

      I’ve asked L’Oreal themselves about your question and actually both the Ideal White Emulsion and Gel Cream are moisturisers, so you can pick the texture that you prefer. The Emulsion is lighter so it would suit oily to combination skin types, if you prefer something richer, you can choose the Gel Cream. Or, you can even use the Emulsion as a day moisturiser and the Gel Cream as your night moisturiser.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Nima says:

    Hey, can u pls tel about the real effectiveness of Vichy spot intervention cream… ??My face is ful of dark spots because of the bloody pimples…. Help me with the best reply .. Pls… My situation is very wierd

    • chrystal says:

      Hello! From what I can tell, it took me about 2 months of twice-daily use to almost completely fade a freckle coloured spot on my cheekbone. My natural skintone is tanned, so this might take longer for someone with fairer skin. It’s not a miracle product, so you do have to be very patient for results. A tip: a very small amount covers a large area. Hope this helps!

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