12th Anniversary at Casa Tartufo

Time flies.. I’ve been with my man for almost half my life and an entire Chinese Zodiac cycle now. Seemed like yesterday when we were both students hanging out at the longkang (drain) at the Goodman Road Lasalle campus. I didn’t expect anything special (BUT I DID FOR OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY AND NOTHING HAPPENED) but the BF said a colleague recommended Casa Tartufo so that’s where we went.

Pictures taken by him – I’m not a fan of whipping out my phone at the dinner table.

I didn’t know this was a truffle specialty restaurant till we stepped in. The scent of truffle permeated the premises even though this was an open air space.

The decorations are quite close to the places I’ve visited in Italy – homey, cozy and very welcoming with a luxurious debonair air. The service staff were very attentive and intuitive too. Casa Tartufo also has a very extensive wine list but I skipped alcohol that night and only sipped from the whisky the BF ordered.

We had two savoury nibbles to start off with.

Some form of Italian cracker and cheese which I absolutely adored, and a delish grain bread that had crunch on the outside and was moist on the inside and served with olive oil/balsamic vinegar. As usual, the BF and I had to scissors-paper-stone for the last piece. We’re both bread fanatics and restaurants should serve equal number of pieces!

For our antipasti, we went for the burrata – burrata cheese with a truffle heart.

Its a very generous portion for two. One of the better cheeses I’ve had this year, this cheese was creamy and melty in all the right places. It went well with the arugula, sundried tomatoes and herbs too. The BF struggled to finish his share but hey, that means more for me.

PS: I ate some of this with the aforementioned bread. It was divine.

I had a hard time deciding between Tajarin which is a truffle linguine, risotto or steak. I figured that I could have truffle linguine anywhere and I could trick the BF into getting the steak so I ordered the sea urchin and truffle risotto in the end.

A confession – the restaurant was dark and I had absolutely no idea exactly how my dish looked like but the smell wafting up from my plate was heavenly. Here’s a prettier pic from their website.

I didn’t quite like my first taste of this. It was on the salted but boring bland side but with each mouth, this dish became more and more appetizing and I think that’s amazing for a risotto. Most risottos make one feel jelat and this does the opposite instead.

There’s some chew to the rice grains so I don’t feel like I’m an invalid eating patient food and its not too mushy. There are discernible chunks of sea urchin in there that lends a beautiful add-on to the truffles and creates a pleasant blend of sea and earth. I was sad when I finished my meal. I wanted more =(

While I liked my risotto, the BF’s Costata was very close to my perfect steak.

200gr of char-grilled rib-eye steak done medium to medium rare served with truffle butter & fries. Perfectly seasoned on the the outside and cooked just that few millimeters and juicy on the inside with gushing beef goodness, I was on the verge of getting my own. I didn’t dare let the BF know how much I liked this better than my risotto cos he would have just given this up to me. (Yes, I can eat two meals in one sitting.)

The fries that came along with it were liberally sprinkled in truffle oil but they were a little hard for our liking.

I wanted some sweets to end the meal but truffles in my dessert really? Nothing caught my eye but the waiter sent over some biscuits as we were finishing up our whisky.

We spent about $170 for this meal and yep, I would secretly return for the steak.

Happy 12th anniversary pokey!

PS: He’s offered a SGD$2,000 budget for my birthday present. Terms & conditions include no cash/vacation/shoes, one item only and must be somewhat readily available. Any suggestions?


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