BioCode Brightening Beverages

BioCode Brightening Beverages contains the perfect golden ratio formula for Asian skin and body constitution. Its developed by the BioCode Biotechnology Skin Research Center in the USA.

The drink includes three patented ingredients – highly concentrated Ellagic Acid (Pomegranate Extract), pure Glutathione (Yeast Extract) and MangoSelect® (Mangosteen Extract) – and three superfood berries: Acai Berry, Cranberry and Blueberry. All these work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate the skin’s metabolism, and lightens and brightens the skin so your skin glows with a natural, rosy radiance~

This also contains no sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours or food additives; high temperature pasteurisation is used instead.

See the gigantic 9X on the box? That hints at the nine revolutionary features that BioCode will give you!

1. 1st Complete, Macrobiotic Beauty Drink that targets and fulfills specific health, wellness and beauty needs.

2. The only beauty drink formulated for professional and medical aesthetic treatments such as IPL/VPL, Microneedle, Starlux, Lasers, Skin Lift, etc.

3. Powerful antioxidant that prevents melanin formation. Ellagic acid extracted from pomegranate helps to prevent the formation of melanin, making skin fairer and improving dull skin tone.

4. Strengthens immunity and removes free radicals. Highly pure Glutathione (GSH) extracted from yeast has the ability to remove free radicals and boost the immunity of both skin and body.

5. Revitalises deeper levels of skin, protects skin from the formation of wrinkles. Small molecule fish scale collagen helps to replenish lost collagen quickly and easily, leading to firmer skin from within.

6. Collagen is of minimum molecular weight. This means that collagen can be absorbed faster and lost collagen in the body can be replenished with ultimate efficacy.

7. Boosts immunity, maintains intestinal health. Also rich in fibre and vitamins and offers extremely abundant nutritional value.

8. Improves bodily functions and helps ease menopausal symptoms. Pomegranate, a powerful anti-oxidising ingredient, may improve constitution and boost immunity.

9. Exclusively formulated with the world’s branded and patented ingredients. Two have US and Europe patents, while MangoSelect® is an ingredient from Fytexia, a renowned supplier of natural ingredients from France.

So after hearing about all these benefits, did BioCode do anything for me?

First up – I have to say its sour =(

A confession: I am a pussy when it comes stuff like lemons and sng buays and other sourish food. Even the ever popular lime ice creams are bordering on too much for me and I always end up looking literally like >.< after one bite. Too much info but there’s so much saliva right now in my mouth just thinking about sour things I think I could fill up a shot glass if I spat it out.

It doesn’t taste bad though, and is a refreshing drink when chilled in the fridge. I usually just gulp it down and its fine. This serves to wake me up instantly if I have it in the morning when its not cold cos I realllllly dislike tangy stuff.

And as with all beauty drinks, there was a noticeable difference to my skin elasticity and radiance. I underwent a microneedle facial during the time I was reviewing this drink and I healed a couple of days faster than normal too. There wasn’t any change to my skin tone but then again, I have always been tanned so probably only a bleaching treatment would do any change to my colour. Or falling into a barrel of powder.

*Friendly warning, descriptions of what happens after food you eat comes back out naturally coming up*

I have to say that I was surprised that BioCode did improve my bowel movements. While I don’t suffer from chronic constipation, my “regular” is highly likely a cause for concern for most doctors. I take a dump probably every 10 days?

When I do, I don’t have to squeeze so hard that I’m practically doing an abdominal exercise but I think my droppings look slightly harder than other people’s. (THERE ARE ASSHOLES WHO DON’T FLUSH PROPERLY IN MY HOUSE.) And I kinda shit like a rabbit. Little pellets and all.

While I was on Biocode, my body expelled toxins more frequently – maybe every other day – and what came out was like ECP at 4am man. So smooth and hassle free. One slight nudge and I’m freeeeeeee. No more singing Please Release Me in the toilet! Of course with less toxins in my body, I wasn’t as bloated or lethargic.

Glutathione, an ingredient in this drink is known to help to repair liver functions as well. Taking BioCode Brightening Beverages daily is almost like a daily liver-detox regime. The GSH helps our liver to reduce the amount of toxins and heavy metals accumulated daily in our bodies. A healthy liver means a healthy life too yo. Good for all you beer guzzling ladies out there.

BioCode is recommended for daily intake for the most optimal results. If your budget allows, drinking a bottle a day for 90 consecutive days and you will see longer lasting skin-lightening and age-defying results. Of course, you can alternate days or make up your own schedules.

Enjoy your BioCode Skin Brightening Experience!

Price:  S$180 for a box of ten 50ml bottles (Purchase BioCode Brightening Beverages here)



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