Wardrobe Remake~

Every couple of years I like to reinvent my fashion style and since I’m getting older younger, I’m planning on throwing out all my boring basic black/white/grey tank tops and aunty-style floral printed tees. It’s a little late to be jumping onto the Korean fashion bandwagon but hey, effort counts right?

Some of the clothes I’ve been amassing on my OOTD board and some which I’ve already purchased!

Drug Store’s Capped Sleeve Tee $8, Dope Cap $11, Denim Shorts $15

CDG Inspired Tee $6 each, High Waist Black Shorts $11, High Waist Printed Shorts $15,

Striped Tank $9, Denim Shorts $10

Denim Jacket $23, I Believe Tee $6, Canvas Bag $8

Frayed Shorts $20 each

Cracker Tee $10, Checkered Skirt $15

I’ll need some new flats, interesting shoes and accessories for this reinvention. The accessories are going to be a problem though. I can’t wear costume jewelry and there’s no way I’m splurging on luxury stuff butbutbut… accessories make an outfit no?

Plus I’ve already got the K-wave hair for this new look I’m planning to get (check my side bar Instagram feed, I got forced into getting curls by my dear hairstylist). So how can I tie up this wardobe makeover?

And with all my drivel…….. the real point of my incessant whining and complaining…… the truth at the heart of the matter is….


There. I said it. When I discovered a few months ago that I could comfortably afford a Birkin or a Kelly and would only have to eat vegetables and not grass, I stopped having bag cravings. And I missed that lust and obsession. Until very recently.

My designer is a Fendi fanatic and we’re both thinking of getting Fendi monsters but we’re not quite willing to pay mega buckaroos for a furry key chain. So while I was searching for the prettiest monster to buy, I discovered this.

The Peekaboo Monster.

Locally this costs $9,800 for the large (which is $7,800 more than the budget that the BF has given me) so I’ve been hunting Bergdorf Goodman, Net-a-Porter, Macy’s and all those popular sites but apparently this has sold out! Serves be right for being a latecomer.

I’ve taken a look at the new Karlito collection but only their bagpacks catch my attention and I’m not keen on dropping 5 grand on a cloth pack.

So…. anyone who knows where to get one or have a 9/10 pre-loved for sale drop me an email pretty please =D

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