How Old?

Back in May, everyone’s Facebook page was flooded with the results from the Microsoft site,, with pictures of friends with a number on top of them. On “How Old”, users upload an image and the site then guesses their age, based on the picture.

The results might not always be accurate, but it is a good way to get some laughs! I found some pictures in my iPad when I was doing some housekeeping. It all started when my younger brother started complaining that the site is “inaccurate”.

(He’s 24 by the way.)

So of course I had to prove him wrong. I hadn’t tried the site at that point cos I didn’t like the idea of uploading my picture to a place where the developers have right to content but hey, a little sacrifice to insult my brother is worth it. Anyway my pics are all on Instagram and Facebook anyway. A test with my “official” display picture!

3 full years off my real age….. YESSAH!

Of course the sour grape person insisted that this picture got filter, got make up, got photoshop and doesn’t even remotely look like me. Plus I took this in 2013.

Oh. So that means that I was 29 in the photo. Nevermind, still 1 year younger! Okay, try with very recent picture okay?


I deliberately used a no make up badly taken pic and another with a monkey face. They were taken this year about a month apart, near Chinese New Year. And a group pic actually during CNY 2015.

We’re all around the same age with the obvious exception. Freya was a month old when we took this.

By the time of this pic, I already figured out how to make yourself younger with the app. You either have to have puffy full cheeks, or a brightly lit image. But Mr Sour Grapes insisted that his iPhone got problem cannot take pictures properly. Okay can. We use my iPad.

I don’t care that I’m 45, I only care that my younger brother is 10 years older than I am! The parents started making noise though. They are no where near the ages stated so I told them about the brightness thing.

And the results after we retook a pic?

My bro is so old he doesn’t even have an age anymore HAHAHA.

By the way, that’s pretty much how I look like in real life, without editing =p My face is slimmer now though. I had a bloated face for ages cos I couldn’t lose the weight from Christmas, CNY and Bangkok binge eating but I seriously started on a healthy diet and have lost about 6kgs so far.

Bonus picture!

PS: Microsoft people, he has a face okay. And its cuter than yours.

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