The Roots Salon At Elias Mall: Mucota Scena

Warning: This post contains images that might scare you if you are in the hair trade, or if you don’t take care of your hair.

I curled my hair recently and while my locks are healthy enough, they’ve suffered like anybody else’s while undergoing intensive temperature treatments. During the process, hair is heated, and the rollers strain and break the hydrogen bonds of each hair’s cortex, which causes the hair to curl. The hydrogen bonds reform after the hair is moistened but there is damage done no matter how “safe” or “organic” or “gentle” treatments like curling or rebonding is cos your hair cuticles are fried off and “safety” only protects the inside core.

And trust me when I say my hair suffered. I looked like Hagrid from behind. I think my hair stylist cried a little when I wasn’t looking. Behold – a head full of hay.

I really didn’t know the condition was this bad until the girls working in the salon exclaimed with dismay at the rubbish growing out from my scalp. In my own defense, I slept with wet hair the night before and didn’t style it before going out. I got use conditioner and some sort of moisturizer thingy hor. If my tresses look like this with some care, imagine what yours looks like without any.

So…… my stylist very tactfully (and quite insistently actually) told me that I should try out her new Mucota Scena treatment. Mind you, I was there only for a hair cut but got psycho-ed into getting treatment. I told you before that nobody cares for my hair like my stylist does.

Mucota established it’s first beauty laboratory in 1984 and since then, their relaxing hair and treatment hair techniques have been the most preferred in Japan and Korea. Anything the Japanese and Korean like should be good right? Just look at them!  Anyway, I had 3 of 5 Mucota Scena products used on me but for the record, here’s what everything is:

Mucota Scena Adel – Moisture Base for Treatment

Mucota Scena Brava – Hair Repair

Mucota Scena Calore – Protection of Cuticle

Mucota Scena Decor – For Chemical Treated Hair: Intensive at-home care to keep the results of Scena treatment. Decor softens dry, rough hair damaged from heat or alkali, and creates supple and lustrous finish.

Mucota Scena Ethos – Aftercare for Chemical Treated Hair: Improves hair condition for chemical treated hair.

My stylist used A, B and C on the atrocity that is my hair. I don’t know how to tell you if the process was anything better than other brands because all I did was sit there and wait to be pretty but I have to say that it took a much shorter time than usual, even though 3 products and 2 hair washes were needed. There wasn’t much of a chemical smell nor typical eye stinging vapors commonly associated with treatments.

Step by step of what A, B, C is and what to expect! (Includes a lot of cheem words because I copy from their website so feel free to skip.)

[Mucota Scena Adel]

Contains 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine included in natural ceramide to recreate same structure of hair, and improves the repair function. Maltose-based millet jelly (starch syrup element) and ceramide improves hair condition. Adel keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair and creates best hair condition for treatment. With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, this makes hair soft and moist before next treatment.

This will be applied to your hair with focus on the middle to end portion and washed off with warm water after.

[Mucota Scena Brava] 

Brava contains keratin which make up hair’s cortex as repair components for severe damage, and amino acid which is CMC component for mild damage. Also contains silk PPT which has cuticle repairing effect and pearl proteins which handles various damages. Penetrative reactive ceramide acts by binding to net-like structure to prevent repair component from flowing, then set it inside hair.

Applied to the same area as before in a very short comb through process, and we’re on to step three.

[Mucota Scena Calore]

These 3 main elements of CMC reinforce CMC layer, and improve damaged cuticle, control light diffuse reflection, and create lustrous hair base.

Superlipidure makes 7 layered lamellar liquid crystal structure and pseudo-cuticle to protect the hair, and regenerate hydrophobic surface to make hair smooth, silky, and lustrous.

One more wash, and you’ll be ready!

Frankly, I didn’t understand any of that except “smooth, silky, lustrous”. Which is the only thing I care about. Did I end up with what was promised?

*drum roll please*


My hair not only looks soft and smooth(er) to the touch, it is softer and smoother even when compared to before I had my hair curled. Its so soft you can tell I lost about 2 inches of my curls from the middle of my head. Which is a good thing. Cos those curls came from where I bunned up my hair too tightly, and not from the salon curling process hahaha.

Best part? The effects are long lasting. I did this treatment about 6 weeks ago and my hair is still very manageable, reasonably soft, smooth to the touch and infinitely more lustrous. Even though I don’t use conditioner every day. Or apply serum every day. Or mask every week. I hope my stylist doesn’t read this. Or if she reads this, I hope she forgets about this the next time she sees me.

See see see how shiny it is!! And this is my bed head okay. Herine and I were disturbing each other over Whatsapp (she does this to me a lot, she gets sick if she doesn’t torture me) so I popped on my sheep ears and sent her this picture in response to her cat ear hairband.

I had a whole lot of trouble trying to manage the uncontrollable curls before I underwent this treatment but right now, its pretty much wash and go with minimal styling. I’ve avoided curls for close to 10 years because of the control issue but I don’t hate them anymore cos they can be tamed! I’m super excited to try this treatment on short hair next cos I’ve always wanted a structured smooth looking bob.

This treatment isn’t expensive too, prices range from $100 – $180, with the latter being for my hair length. Book an appointment at:

The Roots Salon
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:65829763 or 65847002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)

Like their Facebook page here.

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