Hair Republic Review

Yes, I know there’s suddenly a lot of food posts but those were obligatory adverts for an assignment I was on. And there’s another food post coming up but that’s because its the type of food I love and I thought they deserve a mention.

Before I really turn into a food blog, I’ll stuff in a couple of beauty posts that I……. forgot about. I had my lashes done in March (and its now July already, I think they secretly hate me). While taking up lash extensions jobs are not really my kinda thing, I accepted this cos its a Hello Kitty theme salon!

Hair Republic was set up this year and offers lash extensions, eyebrow embroidery and hair extensions. Their prices are super affordable and range from $10 – $150 and they’re conveniently located at City Plaza – just a short walk away from Paya Lebar MRT.

Its super easy to find their shop cos its sooooooo pink. Everything from their cash register to their fan to their aprons is Hello Kitty! Its pretty much a Kitty lover paradise and I swear I had to hold in my fan girl.

You see you see! Even the ceiling is Hello Kitty!

Actually it was Herine who introduced Hair Republic to me. (Her review is here. Check it out for a scary looking eyebrow embroidery video complete with sound.) They contacted her for an ad and she knows I love anything Hello Kitty so she brought me along. Initially, the sponsorship was for eyebrow embroidery but that’s something I don’t need. Let’s just say that I have a lot of brow. To the point that if I didn’t do any grooming, I would have a unibrow.

Hair Republic carries every type of lash (silk, synthetic and mink) that ranges from 8mm to 14mm.

They also have glue for sensitive skin which I’m damn grateful for cos that’s exactly what I have, and why I don’t really get extensions even though I love the look.

My natural lashes are the typical Asian type: short, sparse and very sad =(

Note the brows. Definitely do not need any kind of  touch up. Its a little sad though. I can’t dye my hair too light unless I dye my brows too. And of course I have absolutely no idea how to draw eyebrows.

My lashes are not just sad – they point downwards too. I think its cos of my hooded monolids.

I generally look very sleepy and uninterested because of my eyes so I do go overboard with falsies from time to time. I favour the dramatic kinds so that’s what I asked for at Hair Republic.

The results?

Big difference right!

Its been years since I’ve had extensions so I expected some discomfort but there was none. The glue didn’t sting, the lashes didn’t prick and there were no tugging sensations.

I liked how the fibres looked and thought they perfectly suited my type of drama. My beautician picked a good selection of lashes too. I’ve seen some friends with lash extensions that are the same length throughout and the look really funny.

Hahaha you can totally see my enlarging contact lenses.

Upclose, you can see how neatly my real lashes are glued to the extensions and how naturally they look like they grow from my eyes. The best part of this extension service was how fast everything was done. It took about 15 minutes for this beautiful accuracy.

Of course with the good, there’s bound to be some bad. I felt that the lashes were stiffer than normal and towards the 3 week mark, some of them had kinks in them from my sleep. But then again, I do have a habit of sleeping with my arm across my face. Also, surplus glue was used so while they did make my extensions last a month plus without anything dropping until I went to remove it, I could feel pinching every time I scrunched my eyes.

But would I go back? Absolutely. I liked how friendly the girls were at the shop, all the Hello Kitty-ness and the speed of service.

I know that Herine has been back a few times for her touchups too and she likes her eyebrows. Infact, some of my girlfriends have been there for extensions and embroidery.

You can too! Quote ‘girlyandthecity’ for a 10% off eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extensions services. It’s $150 & $50 respectively before discount. Check out their Facebook page for more promotions.

Hair Republic is located at 810 Geylang Road, City plaza #02-47, Singapore 409286.

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