L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Care Review

Japan’s No.1 Treatment Brand, L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, has transformed the hair of countless women with their full range of Extraordinary Oil Treatments. With the same 6 precious flower oils, the new Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range promises a luxurious and sensorial hair transformation that cleanses and conditions from the scalp, with the perfect balance of airy lightness on the roots and deep nourishment on the ends.

Though oils might appear too greasy or heavy on our hair, it is widely used in cleansers for their ability to dissolve sebum, dirt and waterproof make up, and at the same time hydrating and nourishing the skin without compromising its moisturize level. It’s effect is actually similar on our hair.

The newly launched Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range is L’oreal’s most premium and luxurious hair care range that helps women tackle all their hair problems and achieve soft, smooth, strengthened and shiny hair all at once.

I got to bring home 3 products (and 2 bottles of Extraordinary Oil – one of which is a travel sized bottle.. yay!) to try.

But actually, I already tried it at the product launch. The event was held at Maax Hair Cafe in Siglap. True to L’Oreal’s style, there was good food and artisan teas, as well as a complimentary wash and blow. I was chatting with some of the other bloggers and figured out none of us did anything special with our hair even though we were attending and event cos we knew we were going to get styling.. hahaha.

First up, why oil?

Benefits of Cleansing with Oil:
On the scalp: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply cleanses the scalp to remove excess sebum and dirt, with additional anti-bacterial properties. Moisture is not stripped from the scalp, but balance is restored to the sebaceous glands.

On the hair: The blend of 6 flower oils deeply penetrates into the hair keratin and luxuriously nourishes and strengthens the hair from within.

Hair is strengthened with a lustrous shine and feels sumptuously soft and smooth. Even without styling products, hair is transformed- weightlessly free-flowing and becomes more manageable. Light and non-greasy, the range is infused with a lush floral fragrance and is suitable for normal to dry hair.

I  know it sounds scary to dump oil on your head especially if you have oily scalp BUT there’s is completely no trace of greasiness after a wash.

As previously mentioned, I had a wash and blow at the salon and I must say- my first encounter with this new range was a very positive one.

I’ve used about half of my own bottles at home, so my review is a combination of all my experiences, salon styled and otherwise.

The clear liquid doesn’t feel heavy or oily like you might imagine it to be and it lathers really well. I have super thick long hair but just two pumps of shampoo gets the job done, as opposed to four or more with my other regular shampoo… which is also L’Oreal. I was telling the brand person that this Extraordinary Oil range looks awfully similar to Elseve!

The shampoo also rinses out easily but the best part is the scent. I totally get why its called “luxurious”. Picture this: You’re a fairy princess being serenaded by a mega-bucks rich handsome prince in the most perfect place on Earth. I kid you not – this smells like everything is right in the world. Just remember to not open your eyes to see your reality – sad, tiled, HDB bathroom.

The conditioner is as beautifully perfumed as the shampoo. It didn’t do much for me other than to make my hair tangle free and slightly smoother but then again, my hair is a mess right now. The ends are crimped and my cuticles are jagged from my perm job so I don’t expect a miracle.

However, the mask is a dream to use. Smells like its siblings, only have to put it on for 2 – 3 minutes and gives you SUPER soft hair. The day I attended this event was actually my birthday celebration and I met my BFFs for dinner after and I forced asked them to try out this range. They all said the same old “oil on hair, you crazy ah?” but I caught every single one of them repeatedly running their hair over their lips for the rest of the night 😉

The Extraordinary Oil Hair Care range obviously works well with the already popular Extraordinary Oil so I save using them for days that I have to go out for hours. I’ve found that my hair is less frizzy and easier to manage when I use this dream combo.


Extraordinary Oil Shampoo 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Conditioner 440ml: $16.90

Extraordinary Oil Balm Hair Mask 250ml: $19.90

The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Care is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from June 2015 onwards.

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