#AuntiesDiary: The Cat Cafe Episode

I have nothing to blog about (more like nothing I feel like blogging about) and animals are always nice to look at so I thought I’ll put up a post of the time I went to The Cat Cafe with Herine.

Plus, she’s already blogged about this so I can steal her pictures =D

I’ve never been to a true animal cafe before – cafes that allow you to bring your dogs not counting – so I was actually very excited to finally go to one. Miss Herine was on an extended sabbatical and we were looking for stuff to do together. She actually suggested Forest Adventure at Bedok but HENG AH, the cost was just a little beyond our budget so clever me said that we’ll go to a cat cafe instead. I’m more a dog person but I like all things furry and Herine has Kiki now so it seemed a perfect way to get our butts out of Tampines.

The Cat Cafe is located a stone’s throw from Bugis MRT at 241B Victoria Street Level 3. By level 3, they actually mean level 9. Each story has an unreasonable amount of stairs that you have to climb. And climb.

And climb.

Probably makes it more difficult for the kitties to escape of they ever do.

You’ll be greeted by Silver, a local short fur grande dame who’s preferred spot is on the fence right at the main door and Missy, a Siamese cross breed.

Silver was a little temperamental cos I accidentally woke her up from her nap by breathing too heavily (see first grumpy face pic) and she swatted me. Bad kitty. I accidentally woke Missy too. Bad human.

But Missy didn’t swat me. She went right back to sleep in a place where there’s no way I could breathe on her too hard.

By avoiding my breath, I’m not sure if she could breathe.

I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out if she could breathe properly since her entire snout is pressed against her bed. Apparently she can, because she’s not the only one who sleeps like this.

Meet Ginny, a pure breed Singapura who’s quite a bit smaller than her friends at the cafe and super adorable.

She was one of the few that let me carry her (for awhile). She’s also very dainty and pawsy – playing with her pretty much means getting batted with her delicate little paws and getting nipped from time to time. The dark marks on her ears is pair of “8” tattoo on her ears from when she was spayed as a stray.

I suspect the cats like dogs though. Why?

They all showed an unhealthy, stalkerish obsession with my bag. Lots of sniffing and head rubbing ownership going on even when I wasn’t watching.

Of course my Tuppy went apeshit crazy when I got home cos my bag smelled like cats. And then he proceeded to remark his property with excessive head rubbing ownership. Animals. All possessive and selfish.

My favourite feline at the cafe is without at doubt Tuxedo.

Tuxedo is a long fur domestic local breed who was found abandoned after a local breeder passed away. Tuxedo was subsequently rescued by Kittycare Haven, and moved to The Cat Cafe. He’s a large kitty but despite his size, Tuxedo is a gentle cat and is very active when he is in the mood for play.

His fur is so soft and feels like clouds and I want to pick him up to snuggle my face in his body. But he’s a cat. Which means he only lets me touch him when he wants to. He walked away most times when I tried to pet him but he did deign to flop over and let me rub his torso for a bit. I had to resist the temptation to stuff him into my bag and kidnap him home.

The entry fee at The Cat Cafe is S$15 with a complimentary soft drink but we got food to go along with our visit since we hadn’t eaten.

They serve coffee/tea/juices, pastries and cakes, and some cooked food like pastas and sandwiches. We ordered one each of their baked macaronis. The food isn’t bad and we didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it.

While it was a nice place to slack the afternoon away, I think we made a fundamental mistake of visiting during nap time. We spent a good hour or so watching sleeping cats and when they woke, it was a case of waiting for their royal furriness to even point a snout in our directions. Its a great place for cat lovers and people who want to learn more about cats though. When the kitties are in the mood to play, they’re really quite affectionate.

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