3CE Skin Tone Control Primer Review

3CE primers come in 3 different colours for different usages and I strongly believe that all of them have been colour formulated specially for Asian skin.

I’ve been using Laneige’s primer for the longest time but with everyone around me using 3CE, I also wanna jump on the bandwagon. Okay lah… people using the lip products but I tried them and don’t like how it feels on my lips so try primer instead. Plus I had a voucher for shopping online… so its free!

Violet helps with the red areas I always have around my nose and some of the broken capillaries on my cheeks. Vanilla is better for spot pimples – the mountainous kinds that hurt before they appear – and its also fantastic as an under eye brightener.

My favorite? Clearly peach.

3CE primers are a little thick and stickier than I would prefer but they do leave behind a velvety finish when dried. I bought 3 primers but I don’t use them as primers… I use them as foundation hahaha.

They give me a very soft and matte look so I’m happy wearing them with sunscreen on a daily basis. I find them kinda heavy though, so probably would not purchase again after I finish them.

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