Yimeiy Lip Tint

I did something very brave (or stupid) the other day. I do a lot of Taobao shopping and more often than not, I get free gifts with my purchases. I’ve gotten stuff from sunglasses to little brooches to pouches but my absolute favourites are the skin care and cosmetics.

I wouldn’t really spend my money on unknown brands but if its free – I’m tempted to try it!

This dubiously named Yimeiy Nursing Expert was a mystery to me until I asked the seller what it was. At first I though it was something for babies or new mothers but she told me that its a lip tint from France… okay can. I think the French have better English though. On the box, this says “This quietly dyed red lip gloss! Depending on the lip color is dyed a different effect! Color is vary!“.

I had to try my luck to see if this works using the regular lip tint methods.

It does!

There’s no scent to this and it comes out like a clear, sticky gel that spreads quite easily. This turned pink under a minute, and dried to a tight and shiny finish after about 5 minutes.

Once peeled off, there’s a noticeable pink stain left behind. It was easier to remove than expected though. I used my Olay Regenerist exfoliator and my regular facial foam and most of the tint was removed. This resisted dry rubbing and was transfer proof, as well as resisting water.

Comes in 3 colours (I have no idea what mine is) – pink, peach and rose pink. Costs about SGD 3.50 from Taobao for 25ml.

Its a good deal for something that works but I haven’t gotten the courage to use it on my lips yet!

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