Etude House Drawing Show Dot Liner

Drawing Show Dot Liner is part of Etude House Drawing Show’s collection. Besides Dot Liner, there’s also cream liner, creamy pencil, and brush liner – which all explain themselves in their names.

The uniqueness of this eyeliner lies in its brush: its divided into three prongs and the tips look like dots. Holika Holika was the first to come out with this design a long time ago but I didn’t get to try that.

This design is supposed to make it easy for liner newbies to get a straight line. To use this, first make dots across your eyelids, near your lash lines. These little dots will then serve as a guide for you when you sweep then pen across your eyelids for a smooth line.

The pigment is rather dark and many different strokes can be achieved from its three-part brush BUT its definitely not smudge proof, or water proof. Even with a primer, I couldn’t get this to stay on for more than 2 hours.

I also found it a little bit difficult to get an even straight line on my eyes because my hand keeps applying too much pressure so I get bits and blobs of thicker liner throughout. Its handy for creating under eye lashes though. One of the biggest problems I had with this is that it seeps into fine lines in under 15 minutes. Auntie like me with crows feet, this is one liner I definitely can’t use.

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