Sugar Box Face

Not to be confused with My Sugar Box, an American beauty parlour and SugarBox, and Indian subscription box…

Sugar Box Face is a cream highlighter that I’ve seen in BHG before at about $5 each. When I went to Bangkok earlier this year, I saw this at MBK going at 25 baht (slightly more than a dollar) each and the shopkeeper let me have both at 40 baht… this kind of deal I cannot pass up hahaha. She told me that this is very popular among Thai girls and I kinda believe her cos I saw this everywhere and people were indeed buying them.

I was a little scared of it though – cos the instructions on the back are in Chinese. Checked with my Thai friend if she’s seen this and she herself uses it so I tried too.

Each highlighter is in glossy black container which reminds me of my MAC buff brush. Its terribly attractive to fingerprints and I do have to turn it upside down to read which colour I’m holding before I open it. There’s also an additional plastic cap. Brownie points scored!

It is available in two shades – Peach and Pink.

The texture is creamy but sets quickly into a velvety finish and lasts hours. I’ve had to trial and error but have learnt that a little goes a long, long way. I typically use pink under my brow bone and peach for my nose. I also prefer to apply with my finger/brush instead of directly from this stick.

There’s a vague floral scent that’s not unpleasant too. For something that cost me approximately SGD $2, I might be stock piling more on my next trip to Thailand.

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