VanityTrove x Nylon Singapore #4

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The fourth edition of the VanityTrove x Nylon beauty box has arrived! With every issue, they put together a box of carefully chosen beauty products for you to purchase and try. As this is Nylon’s Japanese issue, this latest edition of the box is dominated by popular Japanese beauty brands, alongside other cult favourites.

This box is priced at just $38 (10% off if you use my discount code!) and you get to sample trusted brands like Shiseido, Za, Bioré and Tsubaki.


So does the October issue make one go konnichi-wow?

Purchase here.
  • 1 x Benefit POREfessional (Travel Size)
  • 1 x Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover (Travel Size)
  • 1 x Bottega Verde Body Cream With Red Grape Extract (Travel Size)
  • 1 x CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Blackhead Clear Kit (Sample)
  • 1 x Curél Sebum Care Lotion and Moisture Gel Set (Sample)
  • 1 x Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (Full Sized)
  • 1 x Senka Perfect Watery Oil (Travel Size)
  • 1 x Senka Perfect Whip (Travel Size)
  • 1 x Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Toning Serum (Travel Size)
  • 1 x Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner Set (Travel Size)
  • 1 x VDL Beauty Cleansing Foam (Travel Size)
  • 1 x ZA True White Ex Essence Lotion (Travel Size)

It does for me, but its not a Japanese brand that made me go wow. I’m a fan of Taiwanese brand Neogence products so I happen to know that they’re not exactly cheap – in the mid 20s price range – so to have a full size lotion in here is an eye opener.

There’s a few things in here that intrigued me so let’s take a closer look.

If the airbrushed-looking skin of Korean stars seems almost impossible to achieve, there’s Korea’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand, CNP Laboratory, to make our complexion goals a bit more accessible. As one of their star products, the Blackhead Clear Kit promises to remove blackheads and excess sebum to reveal clear and healthy skin. There’re two masks involved in this process – the first is the Hypoallergenic Blackhead Clear Mask containing CNP’s patented active ingredients that lift sebum to the skin surface. After 10 to 15 minutes, peel the mask off and use a cotton bud to remove the loosened blackheads. The second Pore Tightening Mask contains Witch Hazel extract to tighten pores, the CNP Anti-irritant Complex to soothe sensitive skin, and an active ingredient that controls sebum production and reduces the appearance of pores.

CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit, $14.10 for three sets of two masks, available at selected Guardian Health & Beauty stores.

Senka’s Perfect Watery Oil is a fast, scrub-free makeup remover that not only clears impurities but also cleanses sebum. Follow this with the Perfect Whip foam cleanser, which contains a high moisture-retaining ingredient from silk cocoons. The cleanser has a bouncy marshmallow-like texture that’s five times denser than conventional foam cleansers.

Senka Perfect Watery Oil, $22.90 for 230ml, and Senka Perfect Whip, $12.90 for 120g, available at Watsons stores.

With so many cleansing foams to choose from, what makes VDL’s Beauty Cleansing Foam stand out is that it’s been specially formulated to suit different skin types as it comes in two versions: one for sensitive skin and one for normal skin. It offers a mild but deep clean with silky and fine micro bubbles, and foams up into a rich bubbly foam.

VDL Beauty Cleansing Foam comes in a sensitive skin option, $24, and normal option, $18, both 150ml. Available at VDL stores.



My favourite issue so far is still the previous one but then again, Japan made products are always superior and I’ve always wanted to try Senka and Biore’s Jelly remover but never did because of the prices. Now I can ^^v


You get a discount too! Use my code

“Vivienne10” for 10% off

your very own VanityTrove x Nylon Beauty Box and save $3.80 – complete with free doorstep delivery. See you at the next issue!

Purchase October issue here.


Text & product images first appeared at Nylon.

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