SK-II Presents The Global #ChangeDestiny Forum Series

Inspired by the stories of women who have overcome personal and societal limitations to change their destiny and achieve success, SK-II proudly presents the SK-II Global #changedestiny Forum series.

Hosted in Singapore, the first of SK-II’s Global #changedestiny Forum Series features internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Anggun, and inspirational social media star and author, Sha, in intimate conversations on their journey towards taking control of their destiny and life aspirations.

Anggun shared the challenges she faced in trying to break into a new market with her music, and how she persevered despite the set-backs to finally achieve success in Europe.

“For me, #changedestiny is not about achievement, but about believing that you can go beyond what you expected possible. When I first started to pursue my music in Europe, there were people who asked why I was not satisfied with the success I already had in Indonesia, but I did not let that hold me back. I am proud to be part of the #changedestiny movement, to inspire other women to never settle and to chase their biggest dreams,” said Anggun.

At the forum, Sha discussed the internal battles she had experienced her whole life, how she found her voice in her writing to eventually embrace who she really is and earn the acceptance and pride of her loved ones.

“My biggest learning in life is making a choice and being true to who you are. With that and hard work, I was able to pursue my passion in writing and prove to my family that I can be successful as I am. I am so honored to be part of this global #changedestiny movement, as it encourages you to pursue the journey to become your best self and that is something I truly support,” said Sha.

Academy Award-winning actress and SK-II Ambassador Cate Blanchett also lent her voice to support the #changedestiny campaign with a new video which will be launched at the SK-II #changedestiny Forum in Singapore. The video “#changedestiny: Conversations with Cate Blanchett” brings Cate’s personal experiences and Change Destiny stories to life, premiered previously in SK-II’s #changedestiny Pop-Up Studio in New York City’s SoHo district on October 3rd.

“I have long believed that the continual use of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has by far been one of the best beauty decisions, dare I say investments, that I could have ever made. Having used SK-II for over 12 years now, I can say it has changed and shaped the destiny of my skin. I am proud to be part of SK-II’s efforts to further inspire women to embrace change in all aspects of their lives,” said Cate.

Since the first bottle of Facial Treatment Essence was introduced over three decades ago, SK-II has empowered millions around the world with the opportunity to create their best selves, starting with their skin. The first-of-its-kind essence has become the prestige skincare brand’s iconic and most internationally-awarded product, helping women all over the world achieve crystal clear skin.

Inspired by the stories of millions of SK-II users who have shared how the brand’s products made it possible for their skins to #changedestiny, SK-II has moved beyond products alone. The brand has been committed to empowering women to take control of their futures and achieve their aspirations through the #changedestiny campaign.

The #changedestiny campaign is all about challenging the belief that destiny is set at birth and celebrating women who have gone beyond limitations to achieve success. Misa Kuaranaga, acclaimed ballerina from Japan, Tang Wei, world famous actress from China, Yungjan Chang, professional tennis player from Taiwan, Priscilla Shunmugam, fashion designer from Singapore, Anggun, singer-songwriter from Indonesia, and Sha, writer from Thailand – all of these women have one thing in common. They have all overcome personal and societal limitations that women often face to take control of their own destinies.

These are just a few out of the hundreds of women whose inspirational stories SK-II has collected as part of its global #changedestiny movement. Some of the stories of encouragement which were developed as videos and uploaded on the SK-II’s official YouTube have encouraged many conversations online.

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