Ban Adam Lambert for Celebrate 2016!

An online petition calling on MediaCorp to remove gay icon Adam Lambert from its star-studded Celebrate 2016 countdown show on Dec. 31 to usher in the new year, was started on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

As of Thursday, it has garnered more than 6,500 signatures.

The petition said of Lambert: “Singaporeans can enjoy a good show without their consciences being affronted by lewd acts in the name of entertainment. In addition, a simple online search would reveal that he is well-known for his active promotion of a highly sexualised lifestyle and LGBT rights, both of which are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.”

However, let’s just hope that the “simple online search” the anti-gay group conducted wasn’t via Google because, lo and behold, that company is one of the leading international homosexual brands in the world today!

Because to combat homosexuality on the global stage, all highly religious Singaporeans need to be aware of these following leading brands found in the secular world.

Using these brands’ goods and services will show that you are pro gay and a heathen.

So beware! The monotheistic God will only allow those who are not tainted to go to Heaven!

(click to view their #lovewins posts)

  1. Google
  2. Android
  3. KFC
  4. Coca-Cola
  5. Starbucks
  6. Snickers
  7. Mentos
  8. Levi’s
  10. Kellogg’s
  11. Uber
  12. Rock Band
  13. Absolut
  14. Ben & Jerry’s
  15. Game of Thrones
  16. MasterCard
  17. Visa

So I very much hope that those anti-homosexuality folks didn’t do their online search through Google. Because you know, they, like me, believe that love is love is love too.

PS –

The BF asked: “You not afraid of losing readers ah?”

Me: “Nope. If those readers don’t know by now that some of my best friends are gay, I don’t quite need them around.”


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