Dear Boyfriend, this is an official announcement.

If you are not my boyfriend, you may not want to read this. It’s a wall of text with only 2 pictures.

You already know that I’m a luxury label fiend but I’ve been a pretty good girl for awhile. I haven’t bought a big ticket item in about two years now. No Chanels, Louis Vuittons, Hermes (although I nearly caved when a barely preloved Evelyne went on ridiculous sale price last year, and when one of my suppliers gave me first dibs on a rare Birkin 35 in rouge pivione in gold hardware in July). My Prada heels and Ferragamo flats do not count. They cost less than a thousand dollars. Neither do my brand name jewelry count. Those are mere hundreds.

What I have been spending on are high street labels – think Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, Tory Burch and the occasional Samantha Thavasa. You also know mah. You’ve bought me a couple of items like the Jet Set tote, cardholder and my current favourite bag – the gold Hello Kitty.

I know that to a stranger, I look like I’m some kind of brand conscious, money sucking, bimbotic whore cos most of my bags and their contents look like this:

Usually all black with recognisable brand names or logos, and those items usually have their own names. Like the Michael Kors Selma Messenger. Which confuses you because all my Michael Kors bags to you are called names like “big black MK”, “square MK”, “shiny MK” so on and so forth.

I’m rather proud of you for learning enough about my fashion splurges to have a decent conversation with other people about them. I’ve overheard you discussing lambskin and caviar with your colleagues and wowing them with your knowledge. I’m glad that my bag buying habit gained you a new BFF in the office – though he has since realised that all your bag knowledge is siphoned from me and now whatsapps me for bag gossip instead of you.

The downside of all this is that you now know approximately how much my stuff costs. I can no longer tell you that I just bought a Tory Burch tote at $200, or a Chanel GST at $1000 because you know better.

But look at it this way. In the last two years, I’ve spent only about three grand on bags (accessories and small leather goods included, your gifts to me deliberately not included cos its your money). You remember those times when three grand meant a new bag every two months or so?

Let’s do the maths. 3k x 12 months is 36k, which was my expenditure before I turned a new leaf. Yes, I know now that it is crazy and I should not do it anymore. I only spent 3k in the last 24 months. That’s a lot of money that I saved wisely. Are you proud of me now? I tried really hard. And I didn’t even want you to spend 2k on a new bag for my birthday this year because I promised that I wouldn’t spend more than 5k for 2 years.

(I know 2k + 3k is 5k. But I wanted to keep some allowance for Black Friday. I think it’s a good time to tell you that you have to be home this Friday by 8pm cos I have a delivery coming.)

Anyway, you know that in about 14 days, I will be off to Europe for the first time in many years right? Can we put the money that I will be spending in Europe for next year’s budget since I will only return in January? I won’t buy anymore Chanel or a Birkin even though it will be a lot cheaper over there. I’m asking just in case I see something that I want, and the tour includes going to an outlet store anyway.

Yup, so I dedicated an entire blog post to you to tell you that I may need to massage our budgets for Dec ’15 to 2016’s financial calendar. I also know you don’t like too many words so I will end this with a picture.


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