An Early Yearly Affair <3

If you’ve been a long time reader (thank you), you should have known that I do a Christmas get together every single year with my best friends. This year was a little different – we had it really early like literally yesterday, we banned our men, one of us had left the group forever, and we had a long overdue meet up with our choir mistress who’s also one of our favourite teachers back in secondary school.

We had been talking about getting together for coffee for about a couple of years now ever since we found her on Facebook. This year, we kind of invited ourselves over to our ex-teacher Amy’s place. The four of us BFFs had a discussion in the car about how we ended up going over the her place and yeah… nobody knows. Anyway, Amy was just home from a Western Australia vacay so she brought back lots and lots of good old Aussie treats like ham and nougat and cheese.

(Photos as usual not taken by me.)

She made her own bread (which my wife and I ate 90% of) and an astoundingly delicious poulet. We easily had more than 5kg of food and all 5 of us demolished close to everything. Laughing takes up a lot of energy so I guess we were burning calories as we were eating?

Short post today as I’m rushing projects and packing for my trip this Thursday so I’ll end this with a quote from my teacher:

Time flies… My youths back then have grown up. Fond memories of singing with them, sharing life with them, scolding them and tonight discovering how they did things in front of me yet I never noticed those naughty moments. I love you my dear GV girls. And grateful that after all these years, we get to gather like this again. Thanks for the company, “counseling” my little girl, bringing back laughter into my life over silly secrets and confessions!!!

15 years ago, she taught us and shared with us. 15 years later, we did the same for her daughter. Seems fitting to start singing Circle of Life, which was the first song we learned when we were in choir =)

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