PSA: Off for a long vacay till January 2016!

If I’m really lucky, this would be my Christmas Day view because I’ll be flying off to Eastern Europe for 15 days! My flight departs tonight close to 12am and I will be home on 2nd January next year.

My folks, being the traditional type and all, insisted on booking a tour package so I’m leaving my itinerary here for posterity and comparison since they’re well known to change plans as and when they like. Here’s where I’ll be going:

  • Day 01: Singapore > Prague (or Munich) – A 16 hour flight to the capital city of Czech Republic!
  • Day 02: Prague (or Munich) – Crossover from Day 01.
  • Day 03: Prague – City tour.
  • Day 04: Prague/Dresden/Berlin – More tours, and Berlin for the night.
  • Day 05: Berlin/Swiebodzin/Poznan – Berlin Wall!
  • Day 06: Poznan/Warsaw – Exploring the new and old city by the river.
  • Day 07: Warsaw/Czestochowa/Krakow – Gonna make a wish at Black Madonna and visit Auschwitz =(
  • Day 08: Krakow/Wieliczka/Krakow – To the oldest salt mine in Poland.
  • Day 09: Krakow/Banska Bysteria/Budapest – Banska is where the state of Czech was declared in 1949.
  • Day 10: Budapest – I want to look for Paris in Budapest (Gena Showalter joke!)
  • Day 11: Budapest/Vienna – to the capitol of music.
  • Day 12: Vienna/Salzburg – Where The Sound of Music was born!
  • Day 13: Salzburg/Neuschwanstein Castle/Munich – History of Richard Wagner and a Bavarian dinner ❤
  • Day 14: Munich > Singapore – Its ending..
  • Day 15: Singapore – Home sweet home.

Any updates would be pre-scheduled from now on!

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