Reflections for Friends

Okay so I finally finally finally have time to sit down and write a proper post to answer all the friends and family who have been asking questions. (Hello to all my Aunties, Uncles and cousins who have been pointed in this direction by my papa!)  Its been about 17 days since I’ve gotten home to Singapore and I’ve probably slept approximately 34 hours total in that duration.


I completely missed the first weekend of the year which was super crucial for the businesses I’m running/have a hand in running/own since there were a gazillion plans that were supposed to be launched. *cue penalty fines for missed deadlines* Thank God most of my clients were very understanding and knew that I didn’t delay for nothing but the fines I’ve incurred have now climbed up to a high 4-figure digit 😦

But never mind lah. In the last 2.5 weeks, I think I’ve surpassed my expectations – launched 5 businesses across 4 countries, created an app and a new site, several campaigns executed for small businesses, SEO-ed + ranked 2 business, as well as permanently changed 2 industry practices forever. Good job me, I only spoiled market once last year!

We’re still waiting for confirmation of investigations and compensation but have just put in our insurance claims.. not I slack hor. I didn’t get the official letter till a few days ago. I doubt we’ll be able to claim for the lost baggage too since the hotel we stayed in only keeps CCTV footage for a limited period of time.

I’ve been too busy to deal with most of the journalists or government bodies that want to get in touch with me so my mom has been acting like my personal assistant haha. I have to resist the temptation to edit her emails or make her take minutes of her phone calls.

(right now i can feel my boss STARING at my back, wondering why I’m blogging. eh boss, you hired me with the mutual understanding that my job is freelance okay.)

The ‘rents have already successfully filed damages for our broken cases and we’ll be receiving our cheques in the mail soon. Dad has been calling the whole world complaining to anybody who would listen about his aches and pains.

But you know the best part?

We’re still very close friends with our tourmates, including Alex-the-tourguide. We chat on WhatsApp everyday and have even met up a few times. Dad is at Kenneth’s house right now enjoying a homemade salad. There’s a Korea trip upcoming that a few of the tourmates are going together on. I may be starting a new business with one of them. (Investors please email me.)

Right now I’m rushing to get the family ready for Chinese New Year and several visits have been planned for the tourmates to come to my place. While visiting Eastern Europe was a beautiful experience, I think its so much more precious that some very strong friendships were formed through the few nights we were stranded.

Will sign off here but do come back soon! I’ve got ads galore sitting in my inbox and will likely get around to shooting them this weekend. Seeya then.

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