SK-II Releases “New Phoenix” Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence for 2016 Chinese New Year

Since launching its very first iconic Facial Treatment Essence 35 years ago, prestige skincare brand SK-II has continually empowered women across the world to #changedestiny and obtain crystal clear skin with its innovations in skincare and beauty. As Chinese New Year approaches, SK-II debuts its first-ever commemorative Chinese New Year SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition.

Inspired by the courage and strength reflected in the “Wings of Change” festive collection, the Chinese New Year Limited Edition incorporates into its design the beautiful resurrection of a phoenix, which in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious harmony. The New Phoenix Limited Edition was designed to inspire women and their loved ones to bring in the new spring with hope and confidence, and encourage them to believe in themselves, take hold of their destinies, and join hands with SK-II to embark in a new journey to crystal clear skin, #changedestiny and welcome a beautiful new year.

Paper cutting or Jianzhi; is an ancient Chinese art form that signifies celebration and good fortune. The SK-II New Phoenix Limited Edition combines this traditional Chinese art form with the design of a phoenix, a symbol of female empowerment, to express virtue, elegance and rebirth. This not only pays tribute to the traditional Chinese art form, but reinforces SK-II’s commitment to empowering women to #changedestiny by inspiring even more women to experience the phoenix’s rebirth in the coming New Year.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition is available for a limited time at all SK-II counters.

Price: SGD 259 (230ml)

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