SK-II #changedestiny Story – Ching Lan, Defying Your Disability

As part of SK-II’s global #changedestiny campaign, the latest in SK-II’s series of #changedestiny voices is Lin Ching Lan’s inspirational story about defying the odds of being born with a severe hearing impairment, to pursue her love for dancing and become one of Asia’s most renowned deaf dancers.

Despite being turned away from countless dance schools, Ching Lan refused to let her disability hold her back. Instead, she turned her weakness into her strength, and found that her hearing impairment allowed her to have a heightened sense of touch. She learnt to use her ability to feel the vibrations of music through the wooden floors to follow the rhythms of the music and guide her dancing.

Ching Lan has danced her way to success, having won awards at Taipei’s Deaflympic Games, starred in a Taiwanese film and started Taiwan’s first dance troupe for the hearing-impaired. Last year she was crowned “Miss Deaf Asia 2015”.

In Ching Lan’s #changedestiny video, she shares:

“Someone once said to me, that being deaf sounds like being underwater. It can be scary. Sometimes you feel isolated from the world. From other people.”

“I refuse to let that happen to me.”

Watch Ching Lan’s inspirational story here:

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