Ombré by The Roots Salon

Black & white teaser first. Coloured image after you’ve been forced to read all my writing.

Okay, so I’m about a few years late to the ombre, dip dye, gradient whatever-you-want-to-call-it train but there’s a very good reason for it.

The person who does my hair has a vendetta against bleaching my locks. If memory serves, this is the only time she’s put those keratin stripping chemicals on me. And boy, was it a long drawn out entertaining process or what.

I’ve left my hair so long cos Stella mentioned that it’ll be nice to bleach and ombre, then cut all the damaged parts off after the colour has faded. I’m up for all sorts of styles so I agreed. On the day itself, SOMEBODY supervised how much bleach was going onto me and even rescued the super healthy parts into a clip so they wouldn’t get harmed. So, my ombre is only on the bottom half and insides of my hair.

Note the rescued top knot. Those were the ones she didn’t bear to bleach.

You know you’ve got a good stylist when she looks like her heart is breaking when she thinks about bleaching perfectly good, shiny tresses. I giggled to myself a lot that day.

And my hair is disgustingly long. Washing it is an arm workout every single time.

After the first bleach job, I had straw growing out from my head. My hair is the thick and difficult to “eat colour” kind so I had to sit through a second bleaching session to get it light enough for the ombre dye.

It was no hardship since the bleach wasn’t on my scalp aka no pain involved. All I had to do was sit there and watch two episodes of Running Man.

Colour time! Never had purple hair plus my base colour at the top was reddish so choose this shade. On retrospect, I should have asked for mermaid hair instead but too late now.

At this point, I was already in there for a good three hours. My body was aching, my shoulders were stiff, I was too hot (it was a 36 degree day!) and I wanted this dye job to be over soon.


A savior appeared!

The Roots Salon now has a spa series that includes scalp and collagen treatment……. THAT IS SUPER SHIOK.

#1 Comes with a head and shoulder massage.

#2 Scalp treatment is cooling and minty feeling and feels awesome.

This is something new they’re doing and I think everybody should go try the collagen treatment, especially if you’re dyeing your hair. You know how bleached hair feels stiff and not-smooth right? The ends of my locks feel exactly like the unbleached parts *thumbs up* These treatments start from $80 onwards.

And… time for the reveal!

Oh, hello.

I actually freaking love this. Its just so.. delicious and pretty looking. I’ve not gotten so many compliments on my hair for a very long time.

When I posted this on my Facebook, I had a ton of PMs asking where I did this and how much this cost. ($220 if you want to know too.) It also broke the record for the highest amount of likes I’ve ever had on a picture… and the BF even deigned to give his first ever like on my post. WAH CAN BUY 4D SIA.

There’s also lots of girly, pleasing movement if I tie them up. They don’t look as good if I don’t tong them though.

The colour is holding strong after about a month. I had initially planned to go back to cut my hair back to a bob but I’m just too into how I look now. Maybe after all the colour has faded.

Ending this with a before/after:


If you didn’t know, The Roots Salon also has an in-house manicurist now so you can get your hair AND nails done at the same time!

Its only by appointment so call/text 90077511 before heading over.

The Roots Salon
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:65829763 or 65847002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)

Like their Facebook page here.

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