Serenity Nailz Review

I heard good things about this nail parlour from my girlfriend and by chance, I met the CEO of Serenity Nailz at one of my workplaces (I work for a lot of companies).

We were chatting about something related to my line of work cos its just one of those meetings where you meet someone for the first time and just have fate and keep talking. He gave me his namecard and the name seemed familiar… wasn’t this the place where my GF said had excellent technical skills?

Lo and behold, it was. So of course I finagled a sponsored session for myself cos I cheapskate so I can review and blog.

The parlour is located in our CBD, nestled within Envy Hair salon and a stone’s throw from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Its a cosy, private space perfect for your girls outing or bridal party and the interior is done up nicely in an almost noir art noveau style. They carry a wide range of polishes from Korean GellyFit to Zoya’s natural products.

They’re also rather up to date with trends and came up with this Descendants of the Sun set not long after the drama aired.

Squee! Captain Yoo Si Jin! ❤ ❤ ❤

Having seen the quality of their work, I gave them free reign to design anything on both my hands and feet.

I was a little…. sad when I saw pink on my nails cos its one of the colours I hate most but then I saw roses being drawn on and changed my mind immediately. I adore handpainted designs.

Before the actual colouring started, Samantha and Betty – the creative directors at Serenity Nailz – treated my keratin to some of the best technical nail work I’ve seen this year. My toenails in particular were disgusting to talk about.

I had nail trauma from wearing covered shoes and traversing 8 hours a day in Eastern Europe so my nail beds were discoloured from bruising and didn’t have a level surface at all. The gap between the bruised part and healthy bed was at least 2mm so that was a big concern for me.  I requested for some gel overlay so my pedicure would look nice and flat.

And they did turn out nice and flat! I could only have dark colours for my toes since the bruise showed through but they promised that I would have pretty toes at the end of it.

What’s being applied is shattered glass, or glass paper and its a Korean trend that took the world by storm in late 2015. Of course, it’s not REAL glass — it’s actually just slivers of cellophane arranged on the nail to reflect light and make your hands look sexy as hell.

Eunkyung Park, a Seoul-based manicurist to the celebs and owner of Unistella Salon, developed the technique. The style looks like a more architectural approach to the holographic mani.

But what shocked me was the amount of work involved in using this reflective shards:


Here’s poor Betty, using a pair of teeny tiny scissors cutting glass paper into teeny tiny pieces and painstakingly arranging and sticking them one by one onto my teeny tiny nails.

That’s completely crazy. And so much dedication to their craft. But I loved the end effect.

TADAH! I have both ends of the spectrum – girlish, glittery and flowery versus sleek and classy.

The girls took care to file down the surfaces of my nails so no naughty glass paper would be poking through and thus get ripped off so do prepare yourself for slightly thicker polish should you choose to do this design as well.

Up close, the design can look geometric unless it catches the light in the right way then it’ll turn into glass looking shards.

In real life, I actually much prefer my black base glass nail over the pink ones because they just look so mysterious. My pedicure is still wearing fine after a month but the manicure did get lifted within a couple of days.

Totally my fault though. My job(s) involve a lot of nail-damaging duties and I was a little too aggressive when I was ripping open carton boxes. It was an easy mistake to solve since I have my own gelish top coat and UV machine at home but the owner offered a trip back to manage any problems. Aw… that’s really nice of them.

 So no matter if you’re looking for a pampering session or a quick fix for your pointers, Serenity Nailz is a great place to go to for your next mani-pedi.
6 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079316.
Tel : 6736 1220


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