White Sands Carnival 2016 Giveaway Winners!

So I’ve picked up the tickets and my Tuppy looks very happy about it for some strange reason. He also had an unnatural attachment to what I brought home. Pic later.

While I was at White Sands, the balloon maze was already up and it looked super fun! Anyway, many thanks to all of you for taking part in this giveaway and here are the winners:

(I used an online randomizer.)

  1. Tan Y. Y.
  2. Samuel Xu
  3. QiQi
  4. pinkpastryparty
  5. Chloe Ho

Congrats y’all! I’ve dropped you an email as of last night and  you have until 23rd May, 2359hrs to reply to me with your collection dates. If you fail to reply my email, your tickets will be forfeited and I’ll pick another winner.

And here’s my little furry stalker getting too close to my belongings:

I caught him stuffing his entire head into the paper bag while I was in the kitchen. The wonderful folks at White Sands packed me a goodie bag together with the tickets I have to give out so now, I have my own tickets and I’ll see you there!


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