Hiatus On/Off

This space has been empty for a month (or so), and this time I deliberately left it that way.

I was living alone for about 3 months so chores and money making came before this space of mine that frankly, I’ve been losing interest in. I’ve just not had the time to indulge in beauty items, much less take pictures and edit them then review them here.

Surprisingly, some friends, families and believe it or not – “fans”, have asked what’s up with the dead space over here. Apparently some of you want to know what’s going on in my life and would much rather prefer personal updates from time to time. Okay, I hear you. I will try to include more life update posts among the reviews, ads and news. Starting from now I guess?

You asked for it. Don’t ignore my verbal diarrhea.

Anyway, work has been crazy busy and there’s a couple of projects going on. I’ve also been scheming some get-rich plans with BFF Herine & new BFF Melva so that’s going to happen directly after this post.

On a sadder note, a friend’s husband passed away in an unfortunate accident a few weeks ago. I would like to appeal to you guys to donate if possible to Jaz and the Gerrings so Jaz can carry on with their newly purchased house and the life she carries in her now.

Read: Ben Gerring attacked by great white shark

Donate: GoFundMe

I’ve not met Ben but I’ve heard he fought like a warrior for those 3 days in the hospital. To Jaz, the Gerrings and the Boyers – my family’s hearts and best wishes are with all of you. See you all in September.

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