bSoul Shower & Bath Essentials Review

Oh hello, you must be surprised that this space you thought was dead has a post all of a sudden. You* must be even more surprised that I’m finally blogging about your product that I’ve put off for… two years I think?

You* = hello H!

But don’t get your hopes up. This post will be slightly different. I haven’t done it so far but today, I’ve invited a guest blogger to help review the bSoul Shower & Bath Essentials series. Let me just get him over.. OEI! COME HERE!



Tuppy: Yes mama?

Me: Eh, you know you’re kind of a freeloader and mommy has to work real hard to earn money for your food and treats right? And because mommy has to work she has no time to blog right?

Tuppy: Yes…..?

Me: So today, your job is to help mama review this 3 things Aunty H said is gentle enough for human adults and babies, as well as animals. Faster go make yourself more presentable. Mama gotta do other things already. Later I then I pay you in tasty treats okay?


– note: please forgive any typos or paragraphs that don’t make sense from here on. Tuppy doesn’t have opposable thumbs and he is a dog after all – 

Woof! I’m going to ignore everything my mommy said and make this post all about me, me and ME! I’M NOT GOING TO USE THOSE PICTURES SHE SPENT 4 HOURS PHOTOSHOPPING!

Ahem. My name is Tuppy, and I am a Shiranian. My biological parents were a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian. My breed is generally quite healthy but we are known to have hip dysplasia and skin problems. I didn’t put on this jacket because my mama asked me to make myself presentable.

It’s because I’m hiding something.

I have a gigantic bald spot. Sobs.

My mommy says this person called God is fair and since I am so perfect, he gave me something to make me less appealing. I think she’s being a nonsense mommy. I keep dropping fur because when the weather gets hot, I get rashes. And then opposite our house there are lots of construction going on and the dust is very bad for my sensitive skin. I try not to scratch myself but its very difficult so I have found ways to help with my situation.

I cover up my bald spot with her blankie or wear jackets so my mommy cannot see those shiny wet saliva spots or red scratch marks. She always scolds me when I bite or paw the area but I really cannot help it.

Its extremely itchy and no special cream or shampoo has helped calm the area down or regrow my beautiful fur yet.

Sigh. 真是狗命. (Its a dog life. I can speak chinese too!)

Anyway, I didn’t realize this blogging business is so tough. Have to write so many things, take so many pictures, must style myself for selfie somemore. Then have to read all this very long and difficult words so I can share them with you.

The paper mama gave me says: bSoul is an Italian brand that hails from Tuscany. They care about the health and beauty of every woman, baby and animal. Their products are not tested on my friends! This range of beauty products with highly effective natural formulas and refined textures is simple but rich in content, while respecting the environment. I don’t really understand everything but I think it means this thing is good for all two or four legged creatures.

Mama put this thing on me and said “its what humans use when they @^#!^%”. She said the word @^#!^% very quickly so I didn’t hear what was it. But she also said I look very cute with this on and gave me a special ear rub. I like making my mommy happy.

I’m ready to continue helping her with this review and I can hear her calling me! Be right back!

Mama wants me to come to The Room of Doom to ‘shower’?

What is this ‘shower’ thing about? I don’t understand the word but I hate this room. She tries to drown me and get rid of my hard earned collection of smells here. At least I don’t see The Bottle of Horror that she uses on me when she tries to drown me.

There are 3 white and black (Edited by human, its white and green. I forgot my dog is colourblind.) bottles that smell good on the floor. They are new to me. I wonder what they are? The smells don’t hurt my nose so I guess their ingredients are not harmful and don’t contain much chemicals?




human is back

Muahaha. I’ve been trying to get that furry pile of smells into the sink for awhile now. He has been escaping every single time I’ve wanted to bath him. While Tuppy is sulking and waiting for the products to penetrate his fur, let’s talk about the things that were too hard for him to understand. I’m using all 3 products on different parts of his body today. I tried some of the products on myself too, so I’ll be sneaking in a sentence here and there.

1. bSoul Mallow & Chamomile Shampoo, 250ml, S$33

This delicately scented shampoo is suitable for all hair (and fur) types and protects your tresses (and fur!) against harsh elements. It also does not contain any petroleum derivatives, silicons or plastic substances and therefore they are good for living things and the environment. The shampoo also leaves your hair conditioned, with no static electricity and easy to comb after washing off. 

I’m using this on Tuppy’s normal fur and I like that it doesn’t feel like its stripping away any of his natural oils, and cause his fur to break. On myself, I found it a little bit difficult to lather and I had to use an unreasonable amount of shampoo before I figured out that I could just add water to it. My hair is the super thick and unmanageable kind so most shampoos don’t lather well anyway. My scalp felt clean without the squeaky, and my bleached hair didn’t feel like the hay they look like.

2. bSoul Mallow & Chamomile Conditioner, 250ml, S$33

It has the same benefits as the shampoo, some of which weren’t mentioned earlier. They are both rich in natural ingredients such as certified organically grown chamomile, mallow and rosemary. On the ingredient list, Aqua, Chamomile and Mallow are the top three items so this lends weight to their claims. If you didn’t know, ingredient lists for any product lists them in order of amount used in manufacturing.

On Tuppy, this works great as a detangler! Idiot dog has lots of knots from where he had been licking himself and I can’t bear to cut away any of his fur when he has so much missing. The emulsion seeps nicely into both his fur and my hair, giving us both tangle free and soft locks.

3. bSoul Mallow Shower Bath, 250ml, S$25

The make up of this is slightly different from the hair products. Its loaded with new generation vegetable surfactants, as well as enriched with organically grown hydrogliceric mallow and plant extracts such as chamomile, oats, and calendula. It guarantees thorough cleansing while respecting the skin’s hydrolipidiclayer, which is very important for Tuppy.

I used this on his bald area and I was so glad that it didn’t turn his skin red or raw like some other pet shampoos do. His skin felt soft and velvety after I rinsed it off. And he smelled like this bath gel for a few days after, bonus for my nose!

human retreats, evil deed is done

I.. can’t believe my mommy LIED to me. TRICKED me into pom-pom. PRETENDED that she needed my help with her work.

I will NOT talk to her for 1 week as punishment.

But.. 1 week is too long. Who do I sleep with? Who will feed me and love me and give me puppy kisses? Okay, I will not talk to her until my fur dries. I will dry my fur myself. She is NOT ALLOWED to touch me.

(Human note: Shiranians can’t be blow dried because of their sensitive skin. I usually towel dry him but since he’s being all sulky and not letting me near him, he’s sleeping in the sun until he dries. And yes, he is clever enough to keep moving so his head is always in the shade.)

Actually, my skin isn’t as itchy as it usually is, I think? My fur is softer too, and the flowery smell is not going away no matter how many times I rub myself against the doormat. 

I miss my mommy. I haven’t received a pat in 30 minutes. I wonder what is she doing? Has she forgotten me? Is she looking at horrible kitten pictures again!? I want to be near my mommy. But she made me angry and I don’t want to lose to her by talking to her first, or else she thinks that she can do this to me again. (Human says, I did!) I know what I can do so I can be near her without letting her know that I miss her. I will ask her for my payment before I give her this blog post!

You promised to pay me with tasty treats. I shall have my payment now. Failure to provide pre-agreed payments will results in pee on your laptop and the disappearance of the blog post.

food is given to Tuppy, and laptop is returned to mommy

Well, well, well. I never did know my dog could write. That’s quite a long post he’s delivered. But.. WHERE ARE ALL MY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES? WHY ARE THERE ONLY PICTURES OF HIM!?!?!




One month later…


I did use the bSoul range on him a few more times after this and lo and behold, results were seen.

Tuppy’s fur slow grew back and he’s extremely soft now. He even grew a rainbow!

Okay, I’m joking, he was sun drying again and happened to lie down where the sun was shining though the crystal windchime. You can see the short bits of fur that have appeared. He still doesn’t like showers or the nice flowery scent that this range has but we have a good relationship again.


bSoul Shower & Bath Essentials is available on their website, where you can sign up as a member for additional perks.

– For every $10 spent, accumulate 1 point for a $1 rebate for your next purchase.
– Receive double points for any purchases during your birthday month
– Complimentary samples for purchases above $50.

Occasionally, there are promotions so remember to keep an eye on their social media and newsletters!


No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

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