bSoul Bye-Bye Cellulite Kit

The skin, as any other organ in our body, has a restoration, normalization and reactivation time given by physiological rhythms and modalities imposed by the nature. Over the years, our skin breaks down and begins to show unsightly lumps and bumps, or becomes loose and saggy.

Or, horrors of horrors, “orange peel” skin (or cellulite) suddenly moves in as an unwanted permanently resident.

In this kit, there are two products:

bSoul Hydra-Cell S$98

This is a certified natural moisturizer rich in natural functional ingredients suitable for those with cellulite and water retention. Using it daily assists in the improvement of cellulite.

It also counteracts the blemishes caused by cellulite, with a specific action to improve microcirculation and metabolism of the subcutaneous layer.

bSoul Sublime Cell Oil S$98

Sublime cell oil is a soft combination of essential oils indicated as adjuvant treatment of cellulite. Thanks to the harmony of fragrance and delicacy of texture, is also recommended as a product after bath.

This strengthens the walls of the veins and blood vessels, the root causes of water retention problems.

These products can be purchased from the bSoul webstore.

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