Dealing with Depression

I was diagnosed with depression more than 10 years ago. The serious, slit-your-wrist kind of depressive. (No, I never did try to kill myself, I’m not that much of a coward. Not denying that I never thought about it though.) I had a tough time as a kid and growing into a pimple-faced, over weight tween did not help matters at all. I almost have a permanent crick in my neck because my gaze was always towards the ground.

I still suffer from esteem issue and lapse into morose moods every now and then. I still watch the ground when I walk and feel like a failure when things don’t go as expected. I’ve copied and pasted this from one of the sites I write for in the hopes that my friends (yes, you are not the only friend I have who is depressed right now) find a glimmer of light somewhere.

I guess most of us have felt like this at least once in our lives. It might have been a bad breakup, a passover promotion at work, family tussles or a failed project that obsesses you and negatively takes over your life. Perfectionists are especially susceptible to varying degrees of depression.

I’ve learned to take control so I can move on though. It’s not denial, it’s focusing on the little things in life that make things fun. Most of my friends will tell you that I have a over the top personality and nobody in their right minds will ever connect me to anything that remotely depressive.

But anyway, I’m writing this post cos I’m hovering dangerously at the edge of morose-ness and I just wanted to let it out somewhere. Oh, and to share some of the tips I rely on to drag my self-pitying ass out of depression.

1. Feed your mind with positive thoughts
When you’re depressed, it’s easy to fall into a vicious cycle of negative thoughts. The negative cycle makes things look worse than they actually are. It’s important that you break this cycle so that you don’t become a victim of your own thoughts.

2. Remember good things
We tend to focus on the negative and not the positive. But you should direct your mind to the positive. Remember the good things in your life. Remember the good people around you. I’m sure there are many more things that go right in your life than those that go wrong. Looking at the good things balances your perspective so that you don’t dwell in negativity. Think about the things you’ve achieved and are proud of.

3. Look at the big picture
An event that seems bad might not seem that bad if you look at the big picture. Put the event in context. Think of it as one mosaic piece that’s necessary to make your life wonderful. Put it this way, how would you know that falling down hurt if you never experienced it? Every episode in your life makes you stronger for whatever else comes.

4. Not staying cooped up
A simple walk along in the outdoors can do wonders. I personally favor the beach – where I can lie on the sand and stare at the sky. Think about how vast the world is compared to you. Think about how wonderful it is that you are alive.

5. Forgive
Sometimes one reason you feel bad is because you don’t forgive. Perhaps you had made mistakes in the past and you blamed yourself for it. You need to forgive yourself. Or perhaps someone mistreated you. Just ignore them.

6. Set a deadline
More often than not, most people wake up one day and realise that they have not been upset for awhile. That’s good news. That means you’ve moved on and healed. It’s good to set aside some time to mourn your loss or fret over your troubles but it’s even healthier to know that you should stop eventually. Give yourself a week or two to think about what has happened and heal the pain.

I hope reading my wall of text will possibly help some of you through your rough spots. My tips here don’t cover the serious issues like death since it’s not my personal blog, but you can always message me and we could chat. I feel better now than when I first started drafting this post, so maybe sometimes you just need somewhere/someone to talk to.

Thanks for listening to me today you guys.

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