La Roche-Posay Serozinc Review

A couple of years ago, there was a blockbuster ripple in the beauty blogosphere about the brand new, hypoallergenic, and oil zapping mist from La Roche-Posay. Sadly, Serozinc was only available in France (and completely off the shelves. I knew because I sent a girlfriend to check.) at that time.

But it has now landed in Singapore! So is Serozinc worth the hype? Let’s investigate.

Quite possibly the most shocking thing to me are the ingredients. I have NEVER seen a beauty product with such a short list. Serozinc contains only:

  • 99.15% Water
  • 0.75% Sodium Chloride
  • 0.10% Zinc Sulphate

This is copied directly off my canister. I can hear the complains already – why would you spend good money on a product that is 99% water? Because this water is La Roche-Posay’s unique thermal spring water that is used in each and every skincare product produced by the brand. The efficacy and extreme tolerance properties of the water are what differentiates the brand and give it its unquestionable credibility.

If you didn’t know, La Roche-Posay is actually a town in France, and that’s where this fabled water comes from. You can read more about this state-recognized spring here.

Serozinc promises to control oil, shrink pores, and soothe acne. It’s also multifunctional – one can use it as a toner in their daily skin regime, or use it throughout the day while on the go as a spray-on oil blotter. We all know that zinc is a great sebum controlling agent already, so does this mist really work?

It literally is just water, salt and zinc so no surprises when the perfectly proportioned mist sprays out. I’m already a fan and a long time user of LRP’s Thermal Spring Water mist and I can see the similarities.

They both cool me down and leave a tingly sensation. The differences are stark when it comes to oil on my face though. Thermal Spring Water tends to just slide off, whereas Serozinc kinda…. congeals the sebum yet mattifies at the same time.

I generally have to wipe off a layer of congealed oil and re-mist myself. I can’t help feeling like my skin isn’t breathing under all that. But this does calm down the red areas I always have around my nose and cheeks when I get too warm. The oil control works for about 2 hours when I’m out running around in the sun.

As for pore shrinkage, I can’t say I see any improvement at all. I’m about a third into my bottle and a multiple times a day user. But I do really like the fact that I can use this as a makeup primer, setting spray OR toner. That’s a lot of space saved for when I travel!

Get Serozinc at a special introductory price of S$9.90 (50ml) and S$18.90 (150ml) in an exclusive prelaunch online on Lazada from 21st October 2016!

From 28th Octobere 2016, Serozinc will also be available at major pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, Unity, selected hospital pharmacies and Derma Center (Westgate #02-33).

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