Giftopia x Sample Store

Did you RSVP for Giftopia?

If you didn’t, you missed out on some great stuff. I also did one of the most loserish things I’ve ever done in my life.

I attended a blogger event with my parents. I kid you not. Just imagine, a 30-something year old blogger who doesn’t even blog much anymore attending a blogger bash with a couple of folks whose combined ages exceed 100 years of age. I had intended to spend a lot of time avoiding the rest of my blogger friends but lots of them turned up with their parents too! Whew. What a relief.

Since I don’t have much pictures for this post, I’ll just randomly pad it with whatever I took on the day… and it was a Michael Kors day for me.

At Giftopia, there were lots of booths around. From Singpost’s SmartPac to manicures to various beauty and fashion offerings.

At this one, visitors could choose to get a free mask if they liked the Facebook page.

Sample Store also launched a makeover of their website at the event. I must say its quite a lot prettier than it used to be! My parents now have a better understanding of what I’m doing when I say I’m going to blogger events – free food (there were satay sliders and pasta), lots of activities and loads of goodies to bring home. They got a tote bag goodie bag each with a full size Himalaya Herbals moisturizer inside.

Mine was a blogger goodie bag:

Body foam, air freshener x 2, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, solid perfume, facial cleanser x 4, shampoo and conditioner set that I use on Tuppy, mask x 3 and various samples.

But what really made me happy was one of the beauty booths who gave me this:

A large box of beauty stuff! They deserve an entire post for themselves purely for their generosity so that’s coming in the next post.

After the oldies had enough fun, we went off to Golden Mile for some much needed Thai food.

Two noodles, a rice, three drinks and a dessert set me back only $27. And everything was delicious.

My parents are are now harassing me to bring them to more blogger events so my mom can play with beauty products without overenthusiastic salesgirls breathing down her neck, and my father can sample all sorts of catered food.

Till the next post!

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