5 Things Every Girl Needs In Her Bag

It’s almost a rule – every female must carry a bag regardless if its a hobo, a knapsack or just a simple wristlet.

With that being said, some items are more important than the others. Here are 5 that could make your bag into a survival kit.

1. Lip Colour

I don’t know about you but the most important thing in my makeup bag is my lippie. I can go out without my hair unkempt (hello cap), brow game not on fleek (pulls cap lower), no eyeliner (look at point 3) but I cannot condone having a colourless face.

I carry at least 3 lip products with me most times (1 if I’m just going downstairs to the mama shop). I need a balm, a lipstick and a balm + lipstick. I feel insecure without them.

And lippies look absolutely gorgeous now. One can easily use them as an accessory for your next Instagram flat lay.


2. Charms

Okay, technically this is not an “in”. This could be both a charm on your bag or on your keys or wallet or any other little purses you carry around.

These don’t serve any purpose other than to make ourselves happier……. except, I just thought of a reason to carry charms around. My bags are pretty much bottomless caverns that the BF cannot navigate without looking inside. I, however, can pop a hand in and almost instantaneously pull out whichever item I need. And that’s only because I know what charm I have on the said item and my sightless fingers recognizes them.

Methinks its a great idea to have a sturdy charm since we’ll be pulling on them most often and I kinda like these Kate Spade key fobs which come in a myriad of colours.


3. Sunnies

Ahh, sunglasses.

Actually mean for protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays but how many of you actually own a proper pair of glasses that does it? I have approximately 30 pairs of shades but can only remember one that have UV protection properties.

To us girls, sunnies are used more as accessories, to secretly check out that hot guy, and most importantly as hair bands. Isn’t is funny how some sunglasses hold our hair off our faces better than actual hairbands?


4. Wallet

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Most of us girls are guilty of hoarding receipts and miscellaneous loyalty cards in our money keeper. My brother’s girlfriend has an entire separate holder for all her 20 credit cards. And that’s because her wallet is full of other cards like Starbucks, Koi, Watsons, Golden Village, KrisFlyer, etc. You name it and she probably has it.

Myself, I prefer cardholders as opposed to the traditional wallet but I wouldn’t say no to a small and cute purse like this Kate Spade Zipper Coin Wallet.

They’re tiny, they hold a good amount of coins (so I don’t have to keep finding coins at the bottom of my bag among all the debris), and they have enough card slots for me to store the important stuff.


5. Makeup bag/Bag-in-a-bag

Erm…. yeah… another one of those things I don’t understand but I do it anyway.

Why do we girls have a bag in a bag to store things? Do we really like compartmentalizing so much? I can understand makeup bags cos I’ve lost count of the times a red lipstick has painted everything else in there red but.. a separate pouch for other things?

I don’t even know what “other things” are.

But I do know that I would like one of these Kate Spade XL Wristlets that could double up as my lunch carry-around.

Just look at all those colours ❤


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This post was sponsored by Vibe Outlet.

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