1/365 2017

And so, yet another orbit around the sun begins. How was your 2016? Mine was rather great, other than all that shit that went down early in the year.

A look back:

January: Begun a long winded fight with CS Travel & Turkish Airlines following the situations that arose after my vacation in Eastern Europe. Lost my job since I was unable to return to Singapore on my promised date. Lost several other freelance jobs due to the same reason. (Guess what, I’m still pending 2 cases that are not closed yet.)

February: Pretty much stayed at home and sulked while dealing with all the nonsense from the month before. Won a Prada bag from a blogger event!

March: Watched as the travel agency got its comeuppance and got suspended because they were “unfit to continue to hold a licence” and for “having contravened provisions under the Travel Agents Regulations”. Decided to be a freelance marketer and surprisingly signed many contracts.

April: Started a luxury goods import sideline. Went purple ombré for the first time ever. Panicked a little at all the jobs coming in.

May: Picked up blogging proper again. Made my first 1K from my brand new import business. Spent that 1K (and more) on personal purchases through my import contacts 😦

June: Ran around like a headless chicken while fulfilling more than 10 companies contracts. Realised that I can’t do it by myself and its not a long term thing. Decided to put 1/4 of my time into an ecommerce business instead. Cha-ching!

July: WENT BANGKOK! My virgin trip with just my brother. We went to Neverland Siberians, Madam Tussauds and Little Zoo Cafe. We walked a lot. We ate more than we walked. He still hasn’t repaid me his loan from the trip. And then I went to Indonesia the day after I touched down from Thailand.

August: Coded an entire website, both front and backend by myself. Manipulated the CI and shot all the images. Wrote everything. This was the most involved I had ever been on a project. Gave birth to my very first proper ecommerce business that I (partly) owned.

September: Chopped off allllll my waist length hair finally! And met up with the BFFs who I hadn’t seen since Christmas last year. Had a good meal at our favourite seafood buffet at Westin. I remember a weird server who kept asking us if we wanted “Bailey”. He meant belly, as in sashimi belly.

October: An influx of paid blog advertorials, freelance writing and social media management jobs started pouring in again. Almost died from lack of sleep. Resolved again to not be greedy and to only take on what I could handle. But boy, did I make a lot of money or what.

November: Made some very difficult decisions regarding a business and a close friend. Realised that my rationale trumped relationships. Feel horrible for being a horrible person. And on another trump hand, Trump takes the seat as head of state. Sat back and watched the show.

December: Went Bangkok again! And did all the same things again! Closed my personal sales account at a decent amount. Watched Tuppy get really old 😦

I’m starting the year with a wheezing senior dog and two godchildren who want to come out way sooner than they should. Fingers crossed that 2017 goes on the same uphill trend like 2016.

Happy New Year everybody!

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